Centria University of Applied Sciences is a multi-disciplinary, dynamic and international higher education institution located in Finland. We pride ourselves with offering students and staff an environment that is innovative, caring and multicultural. Welcome to join the Centria family and build your future with us!

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • Centria associates the know-how of high quality lecturers to the real life expertise of professionals.
  • Centria’s students can study part of their degree abroad in a partner university, or do a work-placement or double-degree in another country.
  • Centria is a university with a big heart, join the Centria family!



The University of applied sciences was founded in 1992 in the coastal town of Kokkola. Being a university of applied sciences, Centria has a striving R&D department and its lecturers have professional experience from their own field.

Thanks to its human size, Centria offers a caring and warm environment to its students and staff, we pride ourselves to be a university with a big heart.


Centria offers programmes in 5 fields of study:

  • Technology
  • Business Management
  • Health Care and Social Sciences
  • Culture
  • Humanities and Education
We offer both Bachelor and Master level degree programmes, 14 in total. Four of these programmes are fully taught in English:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (taught in Kokkola)
  • Bachelor’s degree in International Business (taught in Pietarsaari)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Environmental Chemistry & Technology (taught in Kokkola)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Information Technology (taught in Kokkola)


Centria’s R&D collaborates with companies and organizations to increase their competitiveness. Centria aims at helping our customer in developing new products, business ventures and international activities and as well as in the process of entrepreneurship, by using our multidisciplinary expertise. R&D has projects in health care, entrepreneurship, chemical engineering, information technology.

Students are encouraged to get involved with these projects during their studies.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (1)


Student services

Students are offered personalized support throughout their studies at Centria: each new student will join a group led by a teacher tutor that will and support this same group until graduation. This tutor teacher will prepare a personalized study plan with each student.

Students can also discuss their studies and career plans with the study counsellor. Student tutors also help and support their peers when they start their studies at Centria, guiding them through their new home towns and showing them around the campus.

Housing services

Students should book accommodation from themselves from the town they will study at.

The accommodation is not organized by the university but by a local housing agency.

Students can decide to apply for shared accommodation through the local agencies or look for housing from private sources.

Rent usually varies from 200 to 300€ / month in the shared apartments offered by the student housing agencies.

Library services

Centria offers great library facilities in all their locations. The selection of books offered are carefully chosen together with the university’s lecturers to fit the studies offered.

Students also have access to a wide range of electronic libraries and journals online.

ICT services

Digitalization is a key feature at Centria; this can be seen in the studies at Centria.

The students and teachers use the university study portal, where teachers upload study material and students upload their homework online. Students may also follow courses taught online.

Medical services

On campus, students may visit a nurse and a psychologist, free of charge. If need be, students may also receive the care of a medical doctor, reachable through the nurse.

Student Life

Campus life

On campus, students will find modern classrooms, space to study, alone or in group work; the teachers’ offices, a school cafeteria.

The libraries (available in each town where Centria is located) are close the teaching facilities. Other free-time facilities, such as accommodation, are not joined to the university campus.

Sports facilities

Each town where Centria is located offers a wide range of sport facilities, may it be indoor facilities (ice-rink, gyms, sport halls…) or outdoor sports (football, country skiing, ice-hockey). The facilities are not owned by Centria but students have access to them.

Student clubs

The student union COPSA is in charge of up keeping the students’ right within the university. The same union organized some free time activities to students (welcome event, parties throughout the year, sport events).

The student tutors have also been trained by COPSA in order to support the newcomers in the best possible way!


Centria has been audited by the Finnish Education Evaluation Center.

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