Cyprus University of Technology

Limassol, Cyprus
Cyprus University of Technology was established by law in 2003 and admitted its first students in September 2007. It is a new, public and independent University based in the city centre of Limassol. At the moment, five Faculties with ten academic Departments operate within the University. The Cyprus University of Technology aspires to develop itself into a modern, pioneering University able to offer education and high level research in leading branches of science and technology which have high impact on the economic, technical, and scientific sectors. With its orientation towards applied research, the University aspires to establish for itself a role in support of the state and society in their efforts to confront problems, which cover all areas of science and technology.


The programmes of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) to a large extent complement scientific areas, which are not currently covered at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels by the University of Cyprus or any other institution of higher education in the country.

The Cyprus University of Technology was founded by law on December 2003 and welcomed its first students on September 2007.

The Cyprus University of Technology is based at the the Department of Nursing, is located in Nicosia but will be moving to Limassol as well.

Main Objectives

The development of all departments is characterized by the following three objectives:

  • To offer education to students of a high scientific, technological and professional level.
  • To produce high quality research that will transcend the traditional boundaries between basic and applied research, so that solutions may be offered to major problems of society and the economy. Simultaneously to allow Cyprus to attain an important position as a partner in a modem, European setting and to secure significant external research funding
  • To promote University cooperation with local industry and the economic sector in order to participate in the national effort to innovate and constantly improve products and services


The Cyprus University of Technology is currently administered by a Governing Board, which is responsible for policy formulation, management and financial issues, as well as the CUT´s property. The IGB acts as a Senate, which is the University´s highest academic body. The Faculties and Departments are governed by advisory boards. The permanent governing bodies of the University will be formulated when the University is declared autonomous as foreseen by the relevant Law.

Administrative Services

The University has set-up the following administrative services which are charged with providing the administrative support to the University Community:

  • Library and Information Services
  • Estate Management
  • Research, International and Public Relations
  • Finance and Human Resources
  • Academic affairs and Student Welfare
  • Information Systems and Technology

The administrative services are the executive branch which secures the necessary equipment, services and technological support needed. Also, the administrative services carry out decisions made by the University Council and Senate (currently by the IGB).

University Campus

With the exception of the Faculty of Health Sciences which is located within the Nicosia General Hospital complex, in Nicosia, the remaining four Faculties are located in the city centre of Lemessos (Limassol).


Cyprus University of Technology, is one of the three public universities in Cyprus where University level education in Cyprus is currently offered. The Cyprus University of Technology is a state institution of higher education. The University is governed by the Council and the Senate. The different faculties and departments are administered by Boards. Each faculty is headed by a Dean and each department by a Chairperson.

The Cyprus University of Technology has established links with the following European programmes: the ERASMUS Exchange Programme, the ERASMUS MUNDUS and with the following academic and research institutions: the Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED), the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA) and the European Quality Assurance Forum.

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