University of Salerno

Fisciano, Italy
The mission of the University of Salerno is to carry out research and educational programmes, developing links with the surrounding area while respecting the environment, with the aim of creating, enriching and, at the same time, offering a scientific, cultural heritage to students, enterprises, institutions and in general to the whole community.



  • The University of Salerno is in Italy.
  • It was formed in 1968. But its origin is with the oldest universities in Europe together with Paris and Bologna.
  • In 8th century The Salerno School of Medicine was founded.
  • Under the Napoleonic government of Joachim Murat the university was closed after 1811.
  • Again it was opened in 1944 by King Vittorio Emanuele II.
  • It moved its campus in Salerno in 1988.


The University of Salerno is made up of then ten Faculties: Economics and Business, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, Arts and Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Medicine, Education, Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences , Political science.

The faculties are organised into different subject areas, each offering a number of degree courses. The different departments of the University have the role of promoting and developing research.

The departments are also where lecturers are based and where they meet students.


The University of Salerno considers the research carried out at the University to be one of its biggest assets. Results are published only after years of accurate research and carried out by its dedicated research staff.

The University boasts a large database of all the research it has published and can be accessed easily by typing in either the author’s name, title of specific research or simply using a key word related to the research.

This simplifies procedures for anyone who would like to consult research by a specific professor or research in general.

All research published from 1998 to the present day can be consulted online. All new research is added to the system as it is published.

Master's Programmes

Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Engineering & Technology (1)


Student services

  • Libraries
  • Theater and Cultural Activities
  • Great Hall and Study Rooms
  • Sport
  • Residences, Cafeterias and Refreshment Points
  • Nursery
  • Orientation and Mentoring
  • Health Care
  • Police Station, Post Office And Bank
  • Parking and Green Spaces
  • Wi-Fi
  • Chapel

Housing services

Accommodation comprises additional services (reception rooms, study rooms, meeting rooms, a breakfast room, lounges, automatic laundries, cafés, a projection room, a gym).

Some housing units are specially equipped for students with disabilities; others are intended for foreign students and teachers for the purpose of fostering internationalization.

A complex was recently built in Sava (Baronissi) with A.DI.S.U. funds; it has three floors and hosts a total of 86 beds, 10 of which for people with disabilities.

The complex of university residences run by A.DI.S.U also includes the recovery and consolidation of Palazzo Barra in Lancusi (Fisciano), approximately 1 km from the Baronissi campus.

Library services

The University Library Center is divided into two central libraries - one for the Humanities and one for the Sciences – both located at the Fisciano campus.

A third library, run by the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, is located at the Baronissi campus.

Medical services

The Center provides first aid and specialist examinations. Specialist care, as comprised in the regional screening, is free for Salerno University students.

Student Life

Campus life

Since 2009, the Fisciano campus has been equipped with a complex of highly efficient university residences for students and teachers.

An important result in terms of urban and social planning, the residences are made up of one-room flats and ready-furnished mini-apartments, all equipped with air conditioning, kitchenette, telephone, internet connection, Satellite TV input. Most of the one-room flats are reserved for students living away from home who have won a scholarship.

Occupancy lasts at least 10 months. The mini apartments and one-room flats not reserved for offsite students are given to other users for a fee according to A.DI.S.U. regulations.

Sports facilities

Fisciano features:

  • an indoor swimming pool
  • two five-a-side football fields with astroturf
  • a concrete tennis court
  • a multi-purpose field with astroturf
  • a free-climbing wall
  • a fitness room within the university residences
  • a bicycle lane which can also be used for jogging

Baronissi features:

  • a Sports Hall for basketball, volleyball, table tennis, rowing, walking, GAG &Tone, step, total body, total fit, aerobody
  • gyms, called Pilotis, with 5 rooms equipped for bodybuilding, light aerobics, modern dance, ballet, hip hop, Salsa and Merengue, spinning, pilates, tas, taiji quan, aikido, total step, etc
  • a multi-purpose concrete field
  • a multi-purpose field with astroturf