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The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences / Hogeschool van Amsterdam (AUAS/HvA) is growing. In figures, knowledge and innovation. In international co-operation, student enrolment and productive contacts with the business world. The AUAS/HvA is more than just an educational institution with over eighty courses of study, spread across various locations in Amsterdam and Almere. The AUAS/HvA is also a partner for the business world, a large employer and an important player in the knowledge sector.

About Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

In 1993, AUAS/HvA came into existence when a number of independent schools, some of which date back to the 19th century, merged. It is currently the largest university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. AUAS/HvAs motto is Creating Tomorrow. Our mission is to nurture our students talent, to help them discover their true potential, and to offer individual guidance to get the very most out of themselves.


AUAS/HvA is building a unique campus in the city centre: the Amstel campus. The Amstel campus will be a true city campus which unites education within AUAS/HvA.

It is a dynamic and stimulating location which brings students, lecturers, staff and local residents closer together. Students will venture into the local neighbourhoods to conduct projects and research, and to make a contribution to society. At the same time, companies and institutions seek to settle in the vicinity of this research and the knowledge development centre.

Some programmes focus on a specific area, for example sports, health care or the corporate sector. These can be found at other AUAS/HvA locations in Amsterdam that are specifically suited to such programmes. Regular contact and exchange of information are the central focus at each location, not only between students, lecturers and staff, but also with the local neighbourhoods and the city of Amsterdam.


AUAS/HvA has close ties with many different companies in the Greater Amsterdam region. AUAS/HvA works with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from banks to care centres and from multinationals to small-scale family businesses. AUAS/HvA regularly works together with companies and organisations to provide case studies for students and to obtain research assignments. AUAS/ HvA also likes to involve companies in the Excellence Programme, providing elite students with challenging real-life case studies. We also use our links with companies to arrange guest lecturers and job-application training.

Accreditations of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


All AUAS/HvA programmes are accredited by the NVAO (Netherlands-Flemish Accreditation Organisation). AUAS/HvA endorses the Code of Conduct for International students in Dutch Higher Education, which constitutes a pledge of quality for all students.


Health and Wellbeing

In order to make your stay at the AUAS/HvA as pleasant and productive as possible we offer services to support students' physical and emotional wellbeing.

These services include:

  • Medical Service
  • Student Counsellors
  • Psychologists
  • Chaplains

Sport Facilities

Students from the AUAS/HvA are welcome to join the students' sports club of the University of Amsterdam, which offers many sports facilities.

Banking Matters

Your financial affairs will run most smoothly if you open a bank account in the Netherlands and obtain a bankcard. To be able to open a bank account, you need to have an address in the Netherlands. Students from outside the EU must have a sticker in their passport stating they have applied for a residence permit.

Your bankcard, plus a PIN code, will allow you to withdraw cash from cash dispensers. If you wish to open a bank account, you need a special form that you can get at the International Office of your study programme.

Student life at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Amsterdam is a city of many faces. It is a unique historical city with impressive buildings along the ancient canals and world-famous cultural attractions such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum. But it is also a thriving metropolis that has much more to offer.

Since the 17th century, Amsterdam has been an international centre of finance and trade. Its central location, close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the port, makes it the ideal gateway to Europe. It is an attractive place for business to settle, which is why it has drawn many international companies. Amsterdam has excellent connections, through airways, train lines and highways, to other European cities. Brussels, Paris, Madrid and Berlin can be reached within a matter of hours.

Amsterdam: knowledge centre

Amsterdam is an international centre of knowledge. Its wide range of educational organisations, research institutions and academic hospitals attract many highly educated professionals. Amsterdam's economy is growing, mainly due to the increasing number of companies working in the creative sector.

The AUAS/HvA has matched its programme offerings to these developments. In addition, Amsterdam's labour force is multilingual, which is a direct consequence of it's internationally oriented economy and multicultural social fabric. And that is a major advantage for companies whose operations and services span the globe.

Amsterdam is also a junction for Internet and data transfer. The city is investing in high-speed data networks such as Netherlight. Furthermore, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) in the Amsterdam Science Park is one of Europe's largest independent Internet hubs. This cutting-edge infrastructure attracts innovative IT companies, which is not only a catalyst for cooperation between research institutes and high-tech companies, but also leads to innovation.

Working together with or studying at the AUAS/HvA is an opportunity to benefit from a knowledge-intensive, internationally-oriented environment in which everyone is given the chance to make the most of their abilities and ambitions.

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