International School of Business Management

Lucerne, Switzerland
The International School of Business Management (ISBM) is among to the Top Hotel and Business Management Schools in Switzerland and we believe that ISBM is a different kind of Hotel Management School established in Lucerne - Switzerland. ISBM is a small School, at ISBM we have between 250-260 students per year.
  • 1 Masters
  • 300 Students
  • Private Institution Type


The International School of Business Management (ISBM) is among to the Top Hotel and Business Management Schools in Switzerland and we believe that ISBM is a different kind of Hotel Management School established in Lucerne - Switzerland. ISBM is a small School, at ISBM we have between 250-260 students per year. ISBM is focusing to be assured that our students can be highly personalized and get individual support during their education in Switzerland. We believe that ISBM is an inclusive, not exclusive Swiss Hotel Management School

ISBM is truly a global Hotel Management School, thats why our students can enjoy the international culture experience.

Goal: The ISBM Swiss Hotel Management School in Lucerne trains the students to be professionals who are fully conscious and active members of the society.


  • We provide the students with high level of professional education.
  • We groom the students to be independent and interactive members of team, who think logically and their actions are transparent.
  • Variety of methods in instruction, modern teaching material and innovative teaching staff help to create a comfortable learning atmosphere.
  • We contribute to the lifelong learning concept.


  • The environment in the school is based on mutual understanding and tolerance.
  • The students contribute to their utmost limit to develop an environment of mutual respect, dignity, empathy and motivation to learn.


  • Using sophisticated infrastructure in good learning environment, the staff can bring high quality services.
  • Self-respect, responsibility and cooperation in a team.

School Management

  • The school management work goal oriented and decisions are transparent.
  • The members of the staff related with the matter are consulted.
  • The responsibilities and authorities are delegated and in this way there is a feeling of joint venture in the staff and they are creative.
  • Quick deciding process, clearly defined responsibilities help to develop a strong, transparent and understandable organization.


  • The members of the staff are ready to analyze their services critically and improve them.
  • The fully organized system continuously checks and improves the quality in our school.

Public Relation

  • The school has a continuous contact with all the concerned people and organizations.
  • All the members of the staff improve the image of the school through their commitment.

With students currently enrolled from around 30 nationalities, ISBM is truly a global Business and Hotel School. A few of these countries are: Belgium, China, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, United Kingdom, Ukraine, United States of America, Vietnam

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (1)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (1)

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Master at International School of Business Management!


Accommodation: During the your Education in Switzerland students will be accommodated by ISBM Hotel Management School. Accommodation is usually in double-bed room, single rooms are available at an extra cost.

Meals: Meals are served during breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Sunday (7 days per week) in the dining room. Students can use the school kitchen facilities during the weekend to prepare their own meals if they choose to. During the mid-term breaks ISBM Hotel Management School will provide the meals too.

First Year: included in the Course Costs Second Year: CHF 3000 Third Year: CHF 3000

Fourth Year: CHF 3000

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided from Monday to Friday and brunch and dinner on week-ends. This also includes mid-term breaks.
  • Specific diets for religious or health reasons are catered.
  • Students are also provided with a kitchen in their own apartments.


  • The students are provided with well furnished apartments integrated in the urban area, very close to the school campus.
  • A large computer room with 24 hours internet.
  • A demonstration Kitchen.
  • Restaurants with full service or self-service.
  • Spacious and well equipped class rooms.
  • Self service laundry.
  • Library room.
  • Career guidance.

Student Life

Switzerland (officially the Swiss Confederation, Confoederatio Helvetica in Latin): Birthplace of Tourism, Hospitality and the Modern-day tourism.
200 years ago, the British named Switzerland "the healthy resort". Tourism is Switzerland's third largest industry, so leisure activities and entertainment are widely available and of course in keeping with the Swiss, high standard. Switzerland is also a small country and together with good transport infrastructure no where is far away so you have a wide choice of places for daytrips and weekends away.

Switzerland Tourism (ST) (Schweiz Tourismus, Suisse Tourisme) is a source of information and it is well worth visiting their local office to discover leaflets, brochures, maps and contacts they are able to provide. Look out for "Events in Switzerland" which lists by month all public festivals, musical events etc.. Local free newspapers also inform you of entertainment and events going on in your canton. Panorama and Scoop, Swiss News, Swiss World, Geneva News and Revue Switzerland are fustt a few of titles to look out for. You may also be surprised at the amount of theatre productions and musicals which are offered in the English language. It is however important to book well in advance as tickets sell fast.

Most towns also have cinemas (Kino, cinema) where films are generally shown in English language: with subtitles. You can find out what is playing by looking in your local newspapers. The film will be listed and then afterwards there will be a series of letters. The first upper case letter shows the original soundtrack, the subtitles letters are then shown in lower case. If a film is stated as being "kindervorstellung", "spectacle pour enfants" then it is suitable for children. You can also purchase books of discounts tickets valid for one year for use at your local cinema.
Whenever you first move to a new place it is always helpful to join a social club or organization to meet new friends and talk with people who have gone through the same experiences as yourself. You local community will also publish weekly or monthly papers which list forthcoming club meetings and sporting events.


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