Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (a School of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics)

Nicosia, Cyprus
The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics is an internationally recognized Centre of Excellence offering specialised services, advanced research and postgraduate education in the fields of neurology, genetics, biomedical and medical sciences.



The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING), was established in 1990, as a bi-communal, non-profit, private, academic, medical center. 


The Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM) offers MSc and PhD Postgraduate programs.


The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics has obtained the largest and most technologically developed research infrastructure in Cyprus and the neighbouring area in the sectors of neurology, genetics, biomedical, medical and related sciences.

Master's Programmes

Natural Sciences & Mathematics (3)


Student services

The Education Office of the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine is the Office which deals with the admission, registration, teaching, research, graduation and other student matters. The Education Office is also responsible for the promotion of the CSMM and its program studies, in Cyprus and abroad.

Library services

The Library of the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine consists of reference books, journals, technical information, dictionaries and other reading material. The academic staff and students of the CSMM have access to information such as electronic journals and databases.

Student Life

The personnel at CSMM are committed to enriching the School experience and promoting a full and active student life. They provide the necessary support and resources to ensure that all students will enjoy their student experience at the CSMM to the maximum.

Before the beginning of the Autumn Semester, the CSMM organizes a warm welcome orientation event for all new students. This is a perfect opportunity for students to become familiar with the Schools premises, to meet with their Lecturers and the Administrative Team, take tours, participate in fun activities, and make some new friends before the fall semester gets too hectic.

The Education Office of the CSMM organizes various types of student events and activities such as Orientation Programs, Awards Ceremonies, Blood Donations, Charity Events, Christmas Gala Dinners, Graduation Dinners, etc.

Counselling on any administration issue will also be provided.

A Careers Office which will assist students and alumni in all career related topics is currently under construction.

Assistance with finding accommodation: The students of the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine can choose from a great range of private apartments and houses within walking distance of the School. The Education Office may assist students in finding their accommodation for the duration of their studies.

The monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment varies from 425-500, whereas the monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment ranges between 450-650.

Services for students with special needs: The CSMM is committed to treating all students with special needs as equals to all other students; therefore, every effort is made to offer practical solutions to any of their specific needs, such as access to the CSMM facilities, or assistance on their academic issues.


The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics is committed to offering professional services of the highest quality, in full compliance with its quality management system. The services provided are characterized by high quality standards in all aspects and at all levels (i.e. highly trained personnel, special treatment/patient care, clinical equipment, environment, etc.).

Other Degrees