Nyenrode Business University

Breukelen, Netherlands
Nyenrode Business Universiteit, founded in 1946 as a private university, builds on the motto ‘for and by business’. It survived and thrived thanks to the early initiatives of the Dutch multinationals in 1946 - and has done so ever since.
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Nyenrode Business Universiteit, founded in 1946, is the only private university in the Netherlands. It builds on the motto 'for and by business'. Situated on a 13th century estate, Nyenrode has a unique history and is a remarkable place to study and live.

In 1946, captains of industry from leading Dutch corporations as KLM, Shell, Unilever, Philips and Akzo, took the initiative to start an institute where an action-inclined, internationally focused generation of new business leaders would be educated. The main goal was to rebuild the economic position of the Netherlands and Dutch enterprises after WWII.
The Nyenrode estate is dominated by the thirteenth-century castle estate. Situated in a park-like estate and surrounded by a moat, the castle is a true eye-catcher. The Nyenrode estate is known for its beautiful landscape architecture. Since 2001, the estate has enjoyed the protection provided by the Historic Buildings and Ancient Monuments Act.

Today, the Nyenrode Business Universiteit offers courses for students and executives in which the transfer of knowledge, education, development of one's own initiative and imagination are carefully combined and balanced. Nyenrode aims to create an inspiring internationally orientated environment for life-long learning.
Nowadays Nyenrode is a place where students, executives, researchers and 13,000 alumni from around the globe have developed themselves into leaders, entrepreneurs and stewards of business.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (6)
Computer Science & IT (1)

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Master at Nyenrode Business University!


Career & Personal Development Center The Career & Personal Development Center provides service and assistance in career development and employment to full-time students during and at the conclusion of their studies. Part-time students are typically in employment, but also have full access to tools and counseling on an upon request basis, as do our alumni.

Our aim is to assist you in realizing your goals by laying down a solid foundation for your career management skills. In addition to this we create a platform which enables you to meet potential future employers. Our Career Services training program is structured around the job search process and is divided into three phases: Know Yourself, know the job market, get the job.

The CPD Centers mission is to provide students with the tools and skills to develop themselves and their career (whether that means a new job, to grow in their existing organization or start a new business). In that capacity it is also a platform for contact with corporate relations, alumni and the Nyenrode business community as a whole.

The CPD program and activities for targeted student groups are integrated as much and as early as possible in the curriculum to create awareness and an increased chance of success. We are well aware of the fact that the success of Nyenrode depends on the success of our graduates. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to assess their interests, abilities and strengths in order to meet their individual career aspiration. Professional career guidance is available for these students through the CPD Centre.

Realizing Your Career Goals

You join Nyenrode with the plan to launch a successful business career after graduation. Our aim is to assist you in realizing that your goal by laying down solid foundation of your career management skills. Additionally we have created a platform which enables you to meet potential future employers. Our Career Services training program is structured around the job search process and is divided into three phases:

  1. Know Yourself!
  2. Know the Job Market!
  3. Get the Job!

In each phase we use a combination of various workshops and events, state-of-the-art career development tools and one-to-one coaching. The goal is that by the time you start your 'job hunt' you have all necessary knowledge, skills, and material ready. You have a clear understanding of who you are, what you want, and how you are going to get it.

One-to-one coaching

Each person is unique and requires personal approach. We use one-to-one coaching to take you through each step of the Career Services program and assist you translate the theory into practice for your particular case


Our training program is designed to help you master the skills that are necessary to form a strategy on what your career objective is and how you can reach it. Workshops are given in groups. A specialist in the subject will share the theoretical information followed by practical training. During the one-to-one coaching sessions we will discuss how you can make the theory work in your personal situation.

Student Life

Nyenrode has a unique atmosphere to work and study. Nyenrode is located on a 13th century estate, complete with a castle, rose garden and a deer park. You will live and study with your fellow International MBA classmates as well as students from our other programs, including the Master of Science students and the Executive MBA students who are on-campus during portions of their part-time program.

On-campus accommodation

The program is intensive and many students choose to live on-campus: living close to your classmates makes group work easier, and the elimination of commuting time leaves you more time to focus on your studies. All full-time Nyenrode students are eligible for on-campus housing. Most MBA students opt to take advantage of this.

Living alongside your international classmates also provides a built-in support system and enhances your cultural awareness, while sharing the campus with other students also enables you to further refine your networking skills. Of course, you may also choose to live off-campus, such as in nearby Amsterdam or Utrecht, but unfortunately we are not able to assist with securing off-campus housing.

Campus life

Our campus is a full-service estate. In addition to our academic facilities and library, the campus features those elements that are important for sustaining an on-campus lifestyle such as laundry facilities, a cafeteria and a small student-run supermarket. Student rooms are available furnished or un-furnished and with or without a kitchenette based on your preference and availability.

Campus life inevitably involves socializing. Nyenrode has several on-campus bars as well as athletic facilities including a sports hall, gym, tennis court, and sport fields. For those who like to run or bike, the Nyenrode estate has running trails and the surrounding countryside is an ideal place to bike.

Extracurricular Experience

Nyenrode boasts a strong and active student association, NCV, active since 1946. With a variety of student clubs active on campus there is no shortage of extracurricular experiences available: there are currently over 35 active committees, ranging from various sports and leisure activities to more professionally minded activities such as debate, investing and networking.

Further to that, Nyenrode hosts many national and international business events, including seminars, workshops and other events. Depending on availability and eligibility, MBA students are routinely invited to attend these events. There are also business case competitions on campus. As Nyenrode firmly believes in and encourages entrepreneurship, MBA students have often been known to plan their own extracurricular activities on campus.

Hotel accommodation

Nyenrode Business Universiteit is glad to offer you and your visitors overnight on-campus accommodation. Nyenrode has a total of 98 hotel rooms, spread out over 2 locations: the Campus Hotel and the Plesman building. The rooms are simple yet fully equipped hotel rooms with private bathrooms. Hotel services such as room service are not available.

Surrounding areas

Nyenrode is located only 20 minutes from center of Amsterdam in Breukelen in the Netherlands. Netherlands is considered a hub for many industries in Europe and the home to a variety of multinational organizations, Nyenrode Business Universiteit is an ideal location to pursue your MBA degree.


Nyenrode Business Universiteit is accredited by EQUIS/EFMD.

Our programs are accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatie Organisatie (NVAO), the Commissie Eindtermen Accountantsopleiding (CEA) and the Vereniging van Registercontrollers (VRC).

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