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Study Abroad in Norway - Combining Academic Performance with a Thriving Student Life
Find out why studying abroad in Norway has numerous advantages: public universities don't charge any tuition and you'll have access to excellent research
Starting Your Own Business: The Best Reason to Take an MBA in 2018
Find out the results of a survey made by EFMD stating that one of the main reasons why students pursue an MBA course is their desire to start a business.
4 Online IELTS Training Platforms Get Your Top English Test Scores for University Admission
Compare and choose between three online IELTS preparation platforms that help you understand the exam process and let you practice taking the IELTS test.
University of Roskilde, Denmark: Study Experience of Phoebe
Say hello to Phoebe from the UK, an enthusiastic student who fell in love with Denmark and decided to pursue a Master’s degree there.

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Study Abroad & Become a Doctor: The Best Ranked Medical Schools in the UK in 2018
Find out where in the UK you can find the best schools to learn medicine. Read more about the most popular choices in higher education!
Awesome Degrees that Will Help You Build a Career in the Entertainment Industry
Discover the degrees that will buy you a ticket to the entertainment world, without having to pay a price of being known! Check out all the study fields!
Ready for a Dutch Style Education? The Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad in Netherlands
Read about the benefits and disadvantages foreign students often face when they follow a study programme in the Netherlands!
What Can I Become if I Study a Master's Degree in International Communication?
Find out more about your career opportunities after gaining a degree in international communication!
How to Get a Student Visa for Sweden
Sweden in a leading European country in higher education. Learn everything you need to know about earning a student visa for your future course!
Pros and Cons for Choosing a Small or Large City to Study Abroad in Europe
Choosing the right place is one of those difficult decisions to make when you are going to study abroad. Find out more!
7 Universities in the UK Where You Can Study with a Low TOEFL Score
Who said you can't get admitted to a university with a low TOEFL score? Even universities in the UK accept candidates with TOEFL iBT between 80 and 92.
Essex University, UK: Student Experience of Zain
Zain is currently pursuing his Master's in Theory & Practice of Human Rights at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom.
How to Get a Student Visa for Italy
Check out the steps you have to take for getting your study visa for Italy. See who requires a visa, if there are language requirements and other details.
Distance Learning Course Options Get More Popular Every Year
Detailed insights into the current trends of online and distance education across the globe. What distance-learning programme would you like to join?
Technical University Dresden, Germany: Study Experience of Sam
Sam is currently Master degree in Tropical Forestry and Management at the Technical University of Dresden, in Germany.
Umea University, Sweden: Study Experience of Samar
Samar just graduated his Master's in Business Development and Internationalization at Umea University, in Sweden.
What TOEFL Scores Do I Need to Study in the Best Universities in Europe?
Find out what TOEFL scores universities in Europe are looking for. See what TOEFL scores you should aim for to get into a top-ranking university in Europe
How to Get a Study Visa for Spain
Depending on your nationality, find out if you need to apply for a study visa for Spain and check all the necessary steps and requirements
Costs of Studying and Living in Belgium
Want to receive an international higher education in Belgium? Find out about tuition costs and living expenses in this multicultural country.
GMAT Score Requirements for Top 10 MBAs in the U.S.
Find out which GMAT scores the best business schools in the U.S. are asking for. Discover what the GMAT requirements are for the top MBA programmes.
University of Munster, Germany: The Study Experience of Victor
Victor is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Munster in Germany.
Study Abroad in China. All You Need to Know about Tuition and Living Costs
Find out all you need to know about tuition fees, living expenses and other costs you should consider when studying abroad in China
7 Top Engineering Masters from Europe Accepting Students with a Low IELTS Score
Read about 5 different engineering programmes who will accept a low IELTS score. Get your Master's or Bachelor's in education with a low IELTS score
Charls University in Prague: Riddhi's Study Experience
Riddhi's pursuing her Master's degree in International Relations at Charles University, in Prague.
How to Get a Student Visa for Switzerland
Here is all the details you need to know if you have to apply for a student visa for Switzerland. Check the eligibility criteria and necessary documents

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