What Can I Become with a Master's Degree in Data Science and Big Data? Decide what to study

Data Science and big data are very hot topics nowadays among information technology specialists, but also among media outlets around the world. Directly connected to data analysis and business intelligence, the knowledge and skills learned during a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in big data are incredibly valuable for today’s job market. 

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Many people wonder how to study big data in university and what Data Science actually means. The reality is that, in a world where every type of job involves working with data (of any kind), almost everybody needs a skilled data scientist that will extract the important details from that data, filter the red flags, interpret it, find solutions or take management decisions to make the business perform better. In a way, a data scientist is like an analyst that can predict and calculate the potential results of the business by looking at streams of data.

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Data scientists interpret information from a range of sources, such as customer transactions, click streams, sensors, social media, log files, GPS plots, or even check whether Tweets sent to a company are positive or negative, trace where sales are coming from and much more. A data scientist will be able to take a business problem and transform it to a data question, realise predictive business analysis and then create a general story about the findings. So, what can you become if you study a degree in data science?

Where in the world can I study Data Science?

There are plenty of English-taught Master's degrees in Data Science and Big Data all over the world. Here are just a few of the top international destinations:Make sure you don't overlook compact online Data Science courses that will provide exactly what you need to start your career in Data Science.

Career opportunities for graduates of data science degree

1. Statistician

The largest employers of professional statisticians are national governments, local authorities, consulting and reporting companies, market research companies and research institutes.

As a statistician, you will have to extract various data from data bases through various statistical methods and tests. You will also have to make sure of the quality and the validity of the final conclusions after all the data has been gathered (by using the right size of the sample, type of test, etc.). Statisticians have to complete reports and then present them to managers or clients.

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2. Business intelligence reporting professional

The most common employers are technological companies, financial companies, as well as consulting and reporting companies.

A business intelligence specialist can be involved in market research or generate various reports from structured data. BI specialists will use SQL, machine language and statistical tools to comprise reports and analysis and send all this data to management. During this process, they will continually modify, add or remove elements from their evaluations and reports, according to the goals of the management.

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3. Data Analyst

Common employers include telecommunications companies, finance companies, manufacturing companies, construction and utility companies and other large companies.

Data analysts have as main tasks the same ones as a business intelligence analyst only they will also be responsible for keeping track of various factors and also create visual graphics. For instance, data analysts that have to extract data related to shopping trends will have to take into consideration if shopping behaviour depends on seasons and have to understand differences across gender, demographics, etc. In addition, data analyst will present their evaluation through the uses of visual graphic tools.

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4. Data Mining or Big Data Engineer

Common employers for this position are technological companies, entertainment companies, retail and trade companies

Data mining specialists/engineers will collect and analyse big loads of data, sometimes from unstructured information and will also be responsible for building and maintaining the software infrastructure. A data engineer will use various programming or scripting languages to develop and initiate big data solutions.

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5. Program/Project Manager 

This job is common to the majority of companies regardless of activity.

Project managers are mostly dedicated to influence the business decisions after using and evaluating the data and insights provided by the main operational departments of a company. Project managers deal with planning the tasks and work that needs to be done, make sure the work meet required standards, it is done on time and according to the established budget. In some companies, project managers also require knowledge of statistics.

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Remarkable job prospects

Careers site Glassdoor just named the data scientist job as the "best job in America" for 2016. Harvard Business Review called data scientist “the sexiest job” of the 21st century. Data scientist careers are in high demand within some of the most attractive fields including government agencies, high technology companies, consulting and market research firms and according to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth of jobs is expected to turn to around 11% by 2024.

Here are a few international salary examples for data scientist careers:

  • United States - 110,000 USD/ year
  • United Kingdom - 40,000 GBP/year
  • Denmark - 113,000 USD/year

If you have the keen eye for patterns and puzzles, the focus and dedication of an analyst, as well as programming prowess, you should definitely take a look at the most appealing, well-paid field of the future: data science. Start unlocking the challenges of data with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in big data and data science.

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