Studying in Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Eindhoven at a glance

Eindhoven is a vibrant university city, welcoming a significant number of international students each year. Eindhoven universities deliver top quality education and internationally acknowledged research, encourage students to develop their personal talent, performance and awareness. As the city is offering a great business environment and with numerous career opportunities after graduation, studying abroad in Eindhoven is certainly a valuable option. Eindhoven is a municipality and a city in the province of North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands, originally at the confluence of the Dommel and Gender streams.


Studying in Eindhoven

In all universities from Eindhoven, most Bachelor programmes are conducted in Dutch language, but you can find plenty of study programmes available in English as well.

Plenty English-taught programmes can be found for the postgraduate degree, Master programmes and PhD courses. For any language you may choose to pursue your studies in, you must provide proof of the language proficiency: IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge for English, and for Dutch, you must submit the Dutch State Examination NT2-II.

Besides the numerous Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes, you can also enrol to several MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses) and PDEng programmes within one university – this particular programme leads to a professional doctorate in engineering degree.

Select from these specialisations: applied mathematics, architecture, data science, engineering, design, medical sciences, sustainable energy, photonics, marketing, dance and more.

You can follow university short courses and learn many foreign languages, and you will also find a few online degree courses in fields like: chemical engineering, automotive technology, human resource management.


Career opportunities in Eindhoven

With a local economy continually growing and developing, major sectors in Eindhoven are: electronics manufacturing, cigar manufacturing, agriculture, high technology, automotive, research and retail.

Some of the top companies in Eindhoven include: Philips, DAF Trucks, TNO Automotive, RES Software, Vodafone, Medtronic, Radobank, Heineken, Studyportals (headquarters), Bosch, Ernst & Young.

International students will have many internship opportunities to choose from, especially in one of the numerous high technology companies.


Eindhoven city life

As the capital of Dutch industrial design, Eindhoven has several interesting and innovative attractions, and you can also enjoy many spots in the middle of nature. Eindhoven is pretty compact, so you can explore it by foot or by bicycle, as the city is very bike-friendly.

Places worth visiting in Eindhoven:

  • Phillips Museum
  • The Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst Museum
  • The Eindhoven Museum (archaeological open-air museum)
  • Sint-Catharinakerk (St. Catherine Church)
  • Temple des Augustins
  • Evoluon, a mushroom-shaped building
  • Lichttoren (Light Tower)

Enjoy and relax in the middle of nature in parks like Stadswandelpark, Genneper Parken, the Philips van Lenneppark.

Night life is focused in bars and pubs; student nights in Eindhoven are Thursdays, check the Stratumseind street and the Market Square. For shopping, Friday is the special day in Eindhoven, as most stores stay open until later.

You can enjoy football and baseball events and you should not miss the interesting festivals held in the city; the most popular are Fiesta del Sol, street- and music acts (annually in June), Glow Eindhoven – an International forum of light in art and architecture.

Outside Eindhoven, check out Nuenen village, famous worldwide due to the fact that Vincent Van Gogh lived here for many years.

If you want to see more of The Netherlands, visit Amsterdam or Maastricht, both about an hour away by train, and you’re also close to Antwerp city in Belgium.

International atmosphere in Eindhoven

Eindhoven gathers a high multicultural environment. Several ethnic minorities have settled in this city: Turks, Moroccans, Chinese, Indians, Germans, Belgians, British and more.

As the investment climate in Eindhoven is among the best in Europe after London and Helsinki, the Financial Times ranked Eindhoven in third place according to the city’s Foreign Direct Investment Index (fDi index). This means many international business people and expats are living in the city and their number might continue to grow.

Weather Eindhoven

Eindhoven has cold winters and warm summers, with no dry season. The daily mean temperatures in the winter season are around 3°C (37 °F), while the average high temperatures in the summer are 21 – 23 °C (70 – 74 °F). Snow can start falling from November to March.


Accommodation costs in Eindhoven

The main housing choices in Eindhoven:

1. Student room in university campus: between 350 and 425 EUR/month.

2. Rent apartment – around 1,000 EUR/month for one-bedroom apartment.

3. Hostel – rates start from 23 EUR/night.

Living costs in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a moderate expensive city to live in. You would need a monthly budget between 750 and 880 EUR/month in order to cover expenditures like: food bills, social activities, books and sometimes even the accommodation, depending on where you will live.

Local supermarkets have pretty affordable prices, so for your monthly food bills you would spend around 160 EUR/month.

Universities in Eindhoven

Learn the fundamentals, explore the possibilities, and innovate to solve problems. Success is a process. The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) offers a first-rate learning environment that allows you to excel. Together with your own drive and ambition this will be your way to success.

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The EIT Digital Master School offers a two-year education in computer science and information technology, with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. You can choose two universities in two different European countries, building a curriculum of your choice based on your skills and interests.

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IMF Academy is part of International Management Forum (IMF), an independent publisher and training organisation focusing on business information for higher-educated managers and decision makers in large and middle-sized organisations.

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The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) is a joint collaboration between Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology. JADS offers data science programs at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level to educate the data scientists of the future. Students, researchers and industry join forces on our new vibrant data science campus in the city of ‘s Hertogenbosch.

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