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The Master of Arts (M.A., Magister Artium) is the most common Master's degree besides the Master of Science (M.Sc.) and nowadays awarded by most universities in Europe as well as world-wide. In combination with a 3-year or 4-year bachelor programme Master programmes replace old five-year programmes such as the German Magister and Diplom or the Dutch doctorandus. The study duration of a Master of Arts programme differs. There are 1-year as well as 2-year Master programmes offered.

According to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) on average 30 credits each semester have to be achieved. A one-year programme has therefore typically 60 ECTS, a two-year programme 120 ECTS accordingly. The Master of Arts is typically awarded in fields such as languages, history, geography, philosophy, fine arts but also social sciences and has thus an overlap with the Master of Science.

In order to receive a Master of Arts, the completion of a dissertation based on independent research is usually required besides the completion of courses.

Studying in United States

The U.S. is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. It has an internationally renowned education system, and offers a huge variety of English-language courses and speciality degrees.

6,500 Master of Arts Master's degrees in United States

M.A. Strategic Leadership

The online MA in Strategic Leadership offered by St. Bonaventure University Online is an accelerated, one-year, 33-credit online master’s program or a two-year, part-time program. You’ll graduate with a Leadership Portfolio that outlines your experience and applies classroom knowledge to real-world situations.

M.A. Masters in International Marketing

Clever marketing drives profit, product longevity, and brand loyalty. As companies look to take their products and services into new marketplaces, the Hult International Business School Master of International Marketing (MIM) allows you to explore marketing on a global scale.

M.A. Historical Studies

At The New School for Social Research, Historical Studies lays the foundation for all social inquiry and for informed debates on the politics and culture of our time. The Historical Studies program is offered by The New School.

The New School for Social Research
M.A. Theories of Urban Practice

The 36-credit Master of Arts in Theories of Urban Practice program at The New School offers an innovative path for students interested in the critical study of design practices in the context of cities, urban space, and urban ecosystems. The program focuses on design-driven spatial and ecological innovation in relation to social justice, inclusion, and co-production of urban space.

M.A. International Relations

The master's degree in International Relations at Webster U niversity is unique for a number of reasons. Students are able to take advantage of Webster’s global footprint by studying abroad at Webster campuses throughout the world and are taught by faculty who are noted scholars and practitioners in the field. 

M.A. Human Resources Management

The master's degree program in Human Resources Management from Webster University is designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of the major human resource responsibilities, addressing both strategic and operational aspects. 

M.A. Mass Communications

The Mass Communications degree offered by the Brigham Young University prepares students with the theoretical background, methodological expertise, and critical thinking skills needed both for continued studies at the doctoral level and informed professional practice by emphasizing communications theory and research.

M.A. Liberal Studies

The world at large and our everyday lives lie in the grip of powerful ideas and forms of expression.How can we achieve an understanding of our world, and ourselves, that empowers us to act? How can we not only understand the core issues of our time but also express ourselves meaningfully on them and, if necessary, change them?The Liberal Studies program is offered by The New School. 

The New School for Social Research
M.A. French

The University of South Florida offers a Master of Arts in French which may include up to 9 hours in a related field. The program explores complex French and Francophone interconnections between language, literature and culture from the Middle Ages to the present day.

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M.A. Liberal Arts

The University of South Florida's Master of Arts in Liberal Arts offers students an opportunity to study from an interdisciplinary perspective the ideas and works that have shaped world culture. 

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M.A. Sociology

Students in the Department of Sociology at UIC are prepared to successfully enter academia or research positions in the public sector. The department accepts only applicants to the program who intend to earn the PhD. 

M.A. Health Science

The Health Science Advocacy Program at Assumption College imparts the knowledge, skills, competencies and habits of mind necessary for aspiring and established healthcare professionals to pursue high-impact careers in case management and health advocacy. 

M.A. Physical Education

This Physical Education degree at the University of South Florida is designed for anyone interested in the lifelong process of becoming a reflective, effective teacher who is prepared to lead youngsters to become physically active for a lifetime.

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M.A. Ethnic Studies

The Ethnic Studies program offered by Colorado State University explores issues of race and ethnicity as increasing in significance due to deep structural shifts and cultural practices locally, nationally and internationally. Difficult challenges emanate from deeply rooted racial conflicts as well as people, cultures and capital crossing national borders. 

M.A. History

The History program is offered by Washington State University. Students entering the MA program in History are expected to show promise of doing excellent work at the graduate level.

M.A. Philosophy

The New School for Social Research has always attracted renowned scholars from around the world, who foster an open atmosphere for exploration and inquiry through their teaching and research.The Philosophy program is offered by The New School. 

The New School for Social Research
M.A. Clinical Counseling Psychology

Welcome to the Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling Psychology program at Assumption College. The program is singular in its unique course progression, curriculum-wide integration of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and emphasis on helping students build a knowledge and expertise base that leads to the high-level practical application of CBT as a professional counselor. 

M.A. Applied Anthropology

The M.A. program was initiated in 1974 at the University of South Florida and was the first in the country to focus on career training for the practice of Applied Anthropology. 

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M.A. Music

The University of South Florida's Master of Music degree provides students with an opportunity to pursue intense, focused study in their music specialty, coupled with a vigorous, balanced curriculum in music theory, music literature, and electives.

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M.A. Spanish

The University of South Florida's Hispanic/Latino area of the Department of World Languages supports a broad, intellectually driven approach to teaching language, culture and literature in higher education for Spanish.

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M.A. Criminology

The University of South Florida's M.A. in Criminology is a two-year program designed to provide the student with an in-depth understanding of the major ideas, issues, theories, and research comprising the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

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M.A. Music

The Music program offered by Washington State University provides the opportunity to earn a degree of Master of Arts in music, which may be obtained through study in areas of music education, composition, music history and literature, conducting, and performance studies.

M.A. History

The History program offered by Colorado State University provides a form of knowledge that people in all times and places have used to answer important questions about the human predicament.

M.A. English

The English program offered by Colorado State University is home to poets and linguists, literacy researchers and teacher educators, novelists and literary scholars, composition specialists and writers of creative nonfiction.

M.A. Special Education

Empower yourself with the tools and experience to unlock every student's potential for learning. Join the Special Education experts who have become master teachers at Assumption College.

M.A. Criminal Justice and Criminology

The Criminal Justice and Criminology program offered by Washington State University  is designed to develop and enhance the student’s knowledge of criminal justice; expand and develop a student’s analytical and assessment skills; and further develop their facility with oral and written communication and with research.

College of Arts and Sciences
M.A. Anthropology

The Anthropology program offered by Washington State University emphasizes a four-field approach through a series of core classes that all our graduates take in order to establish a solid foundation in Anthropology.

M.A. Communication

Graduate students in the Communication program offered by Colorado State University undertake a more specialized study of human communication from its classical antecedents to contemporary areas.

M.A. School Counselling

The MA in School Counseling at Assumption College prepares students to become School Counselors licensed as either Guidance Counselors (Pre K-Grade 8 or Grades 5-12) or School Social Workers/Adjustment Counselors (All Levels). The role of the school counselor is dynamic as it provides critical support to students, parents, administrators, teachers, staff and community service providers. 

M.A. English

The M.A.T. in English at the University of South Florida is designed to include initial certification to teach English, grades 6-12 with ESOL Endorsement while working towards a masters degree. It is planed for graduates of B.A. Liberal Arts English programs or for graduates of other programs.

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M.A. Strategic Communication

The Strategic Communication program offered by Washington State University is designed for those who want to excel in advertising, public relations, corporate communication, and communication management.

College of Communication
M.A. Political Science

The Political Science program offered by Colorado State University places special emphasis on the study of Environmental Politics and Policy. Master of Arts students may select Environmental Politics and Policy as one of their two subfield areas of study.

M.A. Business Economics

The Business Economics program offered by Colorado State University combines rigorous training in economic theory and research methods with inquiry into philosophical and social issues surrounding economic analysis.

M.A. Education - Sport Management

The Education - Sport Management program offered by Washington State University offers graduate assistantships teaching lower division undergraduate sport management courses. Graduate assistantships are also available in various departments on campus including the Athletic Department and Student Recreation Center.

M.A. Sport Management

The Sport Management program is offered by Washington State University. The College of Education offers a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Education – Sport Management in which students can choose either a thesis option (typically for those pursuing a research degree and the possibility of a Ph.D.) or a non-thesis option (typically for those seeking to work as a practitioner in the sport industry).

M.A. Interior Design

The Interior Design program offered by Washington State University is based on a concern for human beings and the creation of interior settings that support human activities and values.

M.A. History

The University of South Florida's Department of History offers the M.A. degree. Members of the graduate faculty in History have earned recognition as teachers, scholars, and contributors to the community.

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M.A. Statistics

The Statistics Faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Florida currently consists of 4 members.

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M.A. Communication

The Department of Communication at University of Illinois at Chicago offers work leading to degrees at the master’s and doctoral levels and participates in the interdepartmental concentrations in Gender and Women’s Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, and Survey Research Methodology.

M.A. Political Science

The University of South Florida's graduate program leading to the M.A. in Political Science is designed to offer advanced general instruction in Political Science. It prepares its graduates for positions of responsibility in the public and private sectors, as well as in research, teaching, and study at the doctoral level.

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M.A. Art History

The University of South Florida offers a Master of Arts degree in Art History. Art History is the study of objects of art in the context of their historical development. It explores considerations such as genre, beauty, composition, style, meaning, critical analysis, and economic-societal-political conditions.

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M.A. Elementary Education

This Elementary Education program at the University of South Florida is designed for students who have a non-elementary bachelor's degree and who wish to become elementary teachers for grades K-6. Students earn an ESOL endorsement at the same time as a Master's degree in Elementary Education.

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M.A. Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of learning and behavior used in order to solve socially significant problems (to influence changes in behavior that are meaningful to individuals and those around them) and this MA program is offered by Assumption College.

M.A. Economics

The aim of the Department of Economics is to put what Robert Heilbroner called "the worldly philosophy" — informed, critical, and passionate investigation of the economic foundations of contemporary society — at the heart of the educational and research enterprise. The Economics program is offered by the The New School. 

The New School for Social Research
M.A. Mass Communication

The University of South Florida's M.A. degree program in Mass Communication is designed for students who are seeking advanced studies in preparation for professional and academic careers in mass communications. The program offers one degree, the Master of Arts in Mass Communications.

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M.A. Communication

The M. A. in Communication at Washington State University is designed for individuals seeking higher-level and focused understanding of communication theory, processes and phenomena, whether their intent is to prepare for doctoral-level study in pursuit of an academic career or a communication-related career in business, government, education, research, or the communications industry. 

M.A. Political Science

The Political Science program, offered by Washington State University, is a terminal degree program designed to provide students with a specialized qualification better suited for the pursuit of professional careers in federal, state, or local government. 

M.A. Communication

The University of South Florida's Department of Communication offers a broad and integrated approach to communication studies that embraces the traditions of the humanities, the convergence of rhetorical and communication theory, and the relations among aesthetic, humanistic, and scientific approaches to inquiry.

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M.A. Philosophy

The Philosophy program offered by Colorado State University has established scholars specializing in many areas of philosophy, including  applied ethics, particularly animal ethics, environmental ethics, and bioethics; comparative and non-Western philosophy; ethical theory; history of philosophy; metaphysics; aesthetics; and epistemology.

M.A. Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology upholds The New School’s commitment to critical social inquiry. Since its inception in 1971, the department has fostered cutting-edge empirical, historical, and ethnographic scholarship. The Anthropology program is offered by The New School.

The New School for Social Research
M.A. Journalism

Journalism professionals deliver the important news of the day. They inform, entertain and educate the world with political, social, business, sports and a variety of other news.

M.A. Political Science-Comparative Politics

The M.A. degree program is designed to join the basic theoretical pursuits of Political Science with the practical knowledge needed by effective public officials and political practitioners. The Political Science Department offers thorough academic instruction in American state and national politics, public law, international relations, comparative government, and political philosophy.

M.A. Special Education: Learning Disabilities

The graduate program in special education: learning disabilities at American University is grounded in the philosophy that all individuals have the ability to access, participate, and progress in education. Faculty and students examine models that support and encourage developmental and learning needs of students with a variety of learning challenges. The program prepares education professionals to design and implement creative learning environments for students through training in diagnostic-prescriptive approaches, and use of evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence.

M.A. Screenwriting

Film and Media offerings include programs in Cinema and Media Arts/Studies. Students will undertake a challenging two-year curriculum that spans core knowledge in media history, theory and criticism, to develop research, writing, and media-making skills in preparation for careers in academia, the arts, or media-related professions.

M.A. Spanish

The culture and literary tradition of Spain, the growing interest in the politics, culture, and commerce, in addition to the proximity of Mexico, the presence of a large Spanish speaking population in California and the University's service area, all contribute to shape the curriculum of the Spanish program and provide excellent reasons for the study of Spanish. 

M.A. Philanthropy and Nonprofit Development

The M.A. program in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Development is designed for individuals who have experience in the philanthropy and/or nonprofit areas. The degree will be offered through the Division of Continuing Education with extensive use of distance education technologies.

M.A. Applied Linguistics (TESOL)

This program is designed to broaden the theoretical and practical knowledge of individuals involved in all aspects of working with adult or college-level non-native speakers of English, including teaching, materials development, and publishing or related areas. 

M.A. School Psychology

The purpose of the 69-hour School Psychology Master of Arts degree program is to prepare school psychologists to work with children, adolescents, and families from diverse socio-cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The degree program includes a year-long supervised internship. 

M.A. Industrial - Organizational Psychology

La Salle University’s Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology Master’s Program prepares students for this growing field and a bright future in the business world. Students will be trained to deal with many organizational issues which require a unique set of knowledge and skills. Included in this are selection, performance appraisal and training. 

M.A. Secondary Education - Sociology Specialty

In support of the mission of the university and the College of Education, the department is committed to preparing students as facilitators of learning with 21st century knowledge and skills to teach in middle grades education, secondary education, health and physical education, and special education.

M.A. Journalism

This Master of Arts program emphasizes public affairs reporting and the crucial role played by a free and active press in communities large and small, national and international. Students learn to cover issues central to civic life-education, housing, welfare, criminal justice, labor, politics and the electoral process

M.A. History

We provide a flexible 30-credit (10 course) program at the historic New England land-grant campus of the University of Rhode Island, close to the cities of Newport and Providence and to Amtrak train lines on the northeastern corrido

M.A. Sociology

The University of Louisville offers a master of arts degree in sociology which is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers, especially given the skills inherent in liberal arts training.

M.A. English

Graduate students in English at SMU have the opportunity to learn from a distinguished faculty of scholars and dedicated teachers in a collegial environment.

M.A. Ministry

The Master of Arts in Ministry degree program is intended to prepare students for specialized church ministry. The goal of the program is to increase students’ knowledge about the church and its ministries and to foster their ability to work meaningfully and creatively in a specialized area of church ministry.