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The Master of Education (M.Ed., Magister Educationis) is a postgraduate Master's degree awarded by many universities world-wide. It is similar to a Master of Science or Master of Arts but awarded to study programmes in the area of education.

In many European countries such as Germany or the Netherlands for example, the Master of Education is a successor of state examination degrees and allows graduates to perform a profession as teacher on public schools.

The Master of Education is not entirely limited to studies that aim at educating school teachers. Also interdisciplinary programmes and education-related subjects can be awarded with a Master of Education.

Studying in United States

The U.S. is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. It has an internationally renowned education system, and offers a huge variety of English-language courses and speciality degrees.

1,757 Master of Education Master's degrees in United States

M.Ed. Educational Studies

This Educational Studies graduate degree program from Southern New Hampshire University teaches you classroom leadership and teaching techniques that you can use in public and private school classrooms, alternative certification options or collegiate-level instruction. Learn about innovative, inquiry-based curriculum development and instructional models that accentuate student learning.

M.Ed. Education

The Education program offered by Colorado State University prepares you to successfully facilitate, design and implement a wide range of training and educational programs.

M.Ed. Special Education

The College of Education offers two master’s degrees and a doctoral degree with specializations in special education. The Special Education program offered by Washington State University.

College of Arts and Sciences
M.Ed. Education - English Language Learners

The Education - English Language Learners program offered by Washington State University allows recipients who do not have a valid U.S. teaching certificate to develop skills and obtain documentation that will help them obtain positions teaching ELLs around the world. 

M.Ed. Earth Sciences

The M.Ed. in Earth Sciences program is designed for secondary science teachers who seek to enrich their knowledge and practice through rigorous courses and individual projects supervised by Penn State faculty members. 

Graduate School
M.Ed. Education

The Master of Education program at Elon University is designed to enhance the professional competence of experienced classroom teachers. Candidates may select a program of study in elementary education, gifted education or special education.

M.Ed. Educational Leadership

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Leadership in any of the three concentrations (Curriculum Leadership, K-12 Public School Leadership and Non-Public/Charter School Leadership) are state-approved programs designed to develop outstanding leaders, supervisors and administrators for the schools of Florida and the nation.

M.Ed. Special Education: Area of Study in Mild Moderate Disabilities M.A./Endorsement

Preparing teachers to work with students who have emotional/behavioral disorders, learning disabilities and mild-moderate mental handicaps. The mild-moderate disabilities Special Education: Area of Study in Mild Moderate Disabilities program from University of Nebraska-Lincoln prepares you as a special education teacher for children and youth in elementary grades through high school. You may elect to specialize in one age group (K-6, 7-12) or focus on K-12 grade levels.

M.Ed. Special Education

The Master’s of Education program in Special Education at Texas A&M University prepares educator practitioners to serve as skillful, knowledgeable, and caring professionals.We take a broad, non-categorical view of disability, and include in our training the knowledge and skills for effectively meeting the needs of students classified as having disabilities as well as those identified as "at-risk."

M.Ed. Reading Education

The candidates will possess a deep understanding of the critical concepts and content of their discipline.The candidates will know how to implement pedagogical strategies based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study State Standards as required by the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards and aligned with CAEP and INTASC Standards.

M.Ed. Reading Education

The graduate reading program at Florida Atlantic University is intended to prepare and support educators in public and private educational institutions. The focus of our programs is to ensure that our graduates become leaders with expertise in a range of issues pertaining to language and literacy throughout life, from birth through adulthood.

M.Ed. Early Childhood Education

If you are interested in working with young children in public or private schools, childcare centers, or community programs but did not pursue a teaching degree as an undergraduate, then our master's program in early education may be a fit for you.

M.Ed. Sport Management

The Sport Management Master of Education (MEd) is a practitioner-oriented, graduate-level program designed to prepare students for advanced study or careers in sport administration, sport management, or sport and fitness related professions.

College of Education and Human Development
M.Ed. Applied Studies in Teaching and Learning

The Department of Professional and Secondary Education provides both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as teaching certification programs. More specifically, the Department offers coursework in such areas as educational foundations, educational research, educational psychology, assessment and measurement, instructional technology, and environmental education. 

M.Ed. Mathematics - Professional

This degree is designed to meet the Massachusetts Department of Education standards leading to professional license.This program is approved for professional licensure at the middle (5-8) or secondary (8-12) levels.

M.Ed. Elementary Education

The Master of Education in elementary education can help you, the experienced teacher, broaden your expertise and prepare for future leadership roles.

M.Ed. Mathematics Education

The Master of Education (MEd) in Mathematics Education degree offers three areas of concentration: a flexible non-certification concentration, Middle School 5–8 Mathematics Certification, or Secondary School 7–12 Mathematics Certification. 

M.Ed. Music Education

The Masters of Education at CSU-Pueblo is planned to impact the quality of teaching and learning in K-12 classrooms by preparing master teachers with expertise in their content disciplines, in the pedagogy of teaching and learning, and in the process of continual professional development and growth.

M.Ed. Education/Career and Technical Education

The mission of the Master of Science in Education program with a concentration in Career and Technical Education is to enable its students to apply advanced pedagogical skills, knowledge, and attributes in a career and technical education setting at the secondary and post-secondary levels.

M.Ed. Speech-Language Pathology

The graduate Speech-Language Pathology program at University of West Georgia prepares students for a professional career in the identification, assessment, and treatment of all communication disorders, including language, articulation, voice, resonance, fluency, and swallowing disorders.

M.Ed. Secondary School Education

The Master of Education in Secondary School Education program at Worcester State University helps you refine your teaching skills and broaden your content area knowledge so that you can excel as an educator in grades 8-12.

M.Ed. Special Education (Early Child Intervention Specialist)

The Master of Education in Special Education consists of nine concentrations: Deaf Education, Early Childhood Intervention Specialist, Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs, ASL/English Interpreting, General Special Education, Gifted (temporarily suspended), Mild/Moderate Education Needs, Moderate/Intensive Educational Needs and Transition to Work. 

M.Ed. Educational Technology

This program is designed to ready education professionals from public schools, private schools and academies, and from private industry to employ emerging technologies during instructional design, assessment, curriculum development, and technology systems management. 

M.Ed. Literacy and Language

This program delivers the very latest in best practices for working with struggling readers. It also provides insights into cultural and linguistic factors that affect literacy development, and research practices that inform assessment and instructional design.

M.Ed. Humane Education, M.Ed.

The curriculum for the M.Ed. and M.A. degrees in Humane Education are similar, although course assignments are tailored to the needs of the respective groups. Students typically complete the program through a two-year, six semester sequence (fall, spring, summer each year) by taking about two courses each session.

M.Ed. Agricultural Education

Texas State University’s location provides an ideal site for the study of agriculture. The campus is situated in the heart of central Texas, between Austin and San Antonio. It is also located near Freeman Ranch, a 3,500-acre, university-operated teaching and research ranch that provides a unique learning environment.

M.Ed. Special Education

All programs will require nine semester hours of core courses, three semester hours of cognate study, and 24 semester hours in special education. This course work is selected by students and faculty according to the needs of the student and licensure. 

M.Ed. Educational Leadership

The MEd in Educational Leadership prepares candidates for a variety of leadership roles (e.g. teacher leader, department chair, principal) at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels in both public and private school settings. The program provides educators with the knowledge, skills, and understanding they need to successfully practice effective leadership in their learning organizations. 

M.Ed. Arts in Teaching

The mission of UC Irvine's School of Education is to promote educational success and achievement of ethnically and economically diverse learners of all ages through its research, teaching, and service activities that foster learning and development in and out of school. 

M.Ed. K-12 Leadership

The M.Ed. Program prepares candidates for administrative positions in K-12 school settings. Each component of the 36 credit hour program is invaluable to the overall goal of preparing entry-level school leaders.

M.Ed. Health Education

Texas State, an emerging research and Hispanic-serving institution, offers a health education program that provides opportunities in the classroom for personal interactions with faculty and collaboration with fellow students in small classes as well as outside the university with abundant career options in the fast-growth corridor of Central Texas and study abroad programs.

M.Ed. Health and Physical Education

The M.Ed. program in health and physical education is designed for teachers who hold a clear renewable T-4 teaching certificate. It provides advanced professional and pedagogical studies that develop expertise in the knowledge, skills, and habits of accomplished teachers.

M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction

The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction will grant you Curriculum Program Administrator licensure in either Curriculum or Special Education. If you want to be a part of curriculum development and administration at the district level, the M.Ed. in Curriculum is for you.

M.Ed. Teacher Education

Whether you are a practicing teacher, working in the community, or right out of any bachelor’s program, the master of education in teaching is the right program for you. Through hands-on graduate work, Widener challenges educators and encourages learning through civic engagement, scholarship, and cultural diversity.

M.Ed. Dyslexia Therapy

Train to become a therapist specializing in those with dyslexia and related disorders in this two-year graduate-level dyslexia therapy training program. Based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, which combines auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning modalities, the outcome of this course is designed to be a Master of Education degree in Dyslexia Therapy and a rewarding career as a therapist.

M.Ed. Mathematics Education

The M.Ed. in Mathematics Education is designed to provide practicing teachers with current findings in research and best instructional practices in mathematics education. The 36-hour degree includes core courses in curriculum design, instructional strategies, and diversity in education. 

College of Education
M.Ed. Middle Grades Math and Science

The University of North Georgia offers an online Master of Education in Middle Grades Math and Science in collaboration with Valdosta State University. The MEd offers middle grades certified teachers the opportunity to expand their knowledge in highly sought-after teaching fields.

M.Ed. Mind, Brain, and Education

The College of Education also values faculty scholarship for its potential impact on the increased effectiveness of teaching and learning in professional education preparation programs and in public and private school settings. Scholarly and research activities cover a variety of areas represented by the expertise of each individual faculty member.

College of Education
M.Ed. Educational Leadership

At the University of North Texas, you can earn a master’s degree and principal certification simultaneously or, if you already have a master’s degree, you can complete course work for certification only.

M.Ed. Technology Education

Bring a deeper understanding of technology into schools to help students apply technological understanding and processes of the present and the future. Gain a strong foundation in pedagogy and practice with meaningful extended student teaching experience.

M.Ed. Education with Initial Teacher Licensure

Transform your passion for learning with a Master’s in Education program at Antioch University that’s tailored towards progressive educators interested in taking on a teacher licensure program alongside their degree. By emphasizing experiential learning and hands-on training, we can help you enhance your academic and professional development to become an empowering educator.

M.Ed. Experienced Educators

AUNE’s MEd for working teachers is a testament to our commitment to the evolution of education. Our progressive concentration options are flexibly designed to be taken while you continue working, pairing a brief residency period with online courses. 

M.Ed. Adolescence Education - Social Studies

The Master of Science in Education (MSEd.) is a 30 credit graduate program designed with flexibility in mind. It allows initially certified teachers the opportunity to tailor the program to their interests. At its core, the MSEd. aims to deepen teachers' knowledge of subject content, of the theory and practice of teaching and learning, and of the diverse contexts of education.

M.Ed. Education - Leadership

Our educational leadership master’s degree program provides our graduates with the confidence, content knowledge, and professional leadership skills to become effective leaders who are ready to face the challenges of education in the 21st century.

College of Education
M.Ed. Reading

Bloomsburg University's Masters in Reading/Reading Certification degree program provides theoretical, analytical and practical experiences through the participation in 36 graduate credit hours- 6 credit hours include practical experience during the summer session.

M.Ed. School Counseling

The school counseling program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). The program is based on the conceptual framework of the School Counselor as a Facilitator of Human Development and Professional Program Manager.

M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction in Peace

This program is designed for candidates who are already certified educators (PK-12), seeking graduate study in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on peace education, including issues of social justice, student rights, conflict resolution, community capacity, culturally responsive methods, and student/teacher advocacy.  

M.Ed. Science Ed-Informal Science Ed

Graduates with a master’s in informal science education teach science and environmental outreach outside formal school settings in museums, government and non-profit agencies, after school and library programs, summer camps and even online media.