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Forensic science, or forensics, is concerned with gathering and analysing the evidence from a criminal case with the purpose of revealing the truth. By analysing fingerprints, footprints, blood spatter, traces and remains, forensic scientists seek to reveal the identities of criminals, as well as the complete facts related to criminal events.

Forensic science degrees rely on other sciences like medicine, physics, engineering, computer science, psychology and many others. Forensics specialists form interdisciplinary teams of experts and go through complex scientific processes to piece together the complete picture of a crime scene.

Forensic science also includes more specialised sub-fields, sometimes offered as stand-alone degree programmes in forensic medicine, forensic anthropology, drug analysis, toxicology, entomology, environmental forensics, biological evidence, forensic DNA analysis, and more. Students who want to pursue a Master's degree in forensic science will benefit from practical classes and lab work, and gain valuable skills that will help them investigate facts such as analytical and critical thinking, computer training, and scientific writing.

Graduates may practice in crime and medical diagnostic labs, medical examiners, offices, prosecution attorney offices, hospitals, clinical chemistry laboratories, crime laboratories, law enforcement, education, and criminal defence.

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Suggested Masters in Forensic Science

Master Forensic Science

The Master of Forensic Science offered by Western Sydney University is designed for those who need advanced level knowledge across a range of forensic disciplines including crime scene investigation, fingerprint detection and identification, forensic chemistry, forensic biology, forensic toxicology, illicit drug analysis, and forensic medicine.

M.Sc. Forensic Odontology

The aims of the Forensic Odontology programme at KU Leuven are to provide you with thorough knowledge and practical skills in the field of forensic odontology. While no single case is alike and many cases are difficult to prepare for, the programme provides a sound and scientific foundation on which you can rely on in your future career.