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Soil science studies the outer shell of the Earth in which vegetable life can develop if nutrients are present. Masters in Soil Science borrow methods and knowledge from other earth sciences, such as geology, but also from biochemistry, natural resource management and sustainable development.

Soil scientists are involved in the agricultural production, the assessment of environmental quality and product toxicity. In agriculture, they undergo research on the reaction of various types of soil to fertilizers, tillage practices, or crop rotation, and offer guidance to farmers and other landowners. Soil experts can also provide counselling for construction projects, drilling procedures and forestry companies.

A student of soil science can become an expert in the improvement and manipulation of land productivity, waste management, agro-meteorology, rehabilitation and preservation of soil, water management, and much more. Academic programmes blend an in-depth theoretical knowledge of processes and properties of the soil environment, with field surveys and lab work.

Career prospects for graduates in soil science include: horticulture consultant, as well as farm manager, plant geneticist and conservation planner. Professionals also work in the landscape business, soil technical audit and in the food production industry.

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Suggested Masters in Soil Science

M.Sc. Ecology

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam masters’ programme in Ecology has an explicit research-oriented character and is designed to provide its students the knowledge, skills and insights to operate as an independent professional scientist in the fields of ecology and evolution and to become a promising candidate for a subsequent PhD position or other research-related function.

M.Sc. Agricultural Sciences

In the Master’s Programme in Agricultural Sciences from University of Helsinki, you can pursue studies in plant production sciences, animal science, agrotechnology, or environmental soil science, depending on your interests and previous studies.

Master Soil and Water Management

Soil and water management is of major concern at all levels of society from local authorities to international organisations. This Soil and Water Management Master’s degree at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences will prepare you to work as a soil/water expert at public authorities at various levels, within consultancy or to continue a career within research.

M.Sc. Physical Land Resources

You want to know what a soil is? You want to know which factors and properties determine the soil suitability to be used for both agricultural and non-agricultural purposes and how this is established?You want to know how the soil can be improved to suit specific applications? The Physical Land Resources programme is delivered by Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).