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Emergency and disaster management degrees study all types of risks that would occur in a community, and focuses on the implementation of practical methods to reduce the effects of natural or man-made crisis situations. Emergency and disaster management courses train professionals who can appropriately prepare populations for a disaster before it occurs. Study programmes offer information related to disaster response methods and effective ways of repairing any resulting damage. Disaster prevention activities focus on reducing vulnerability and strengthening communities nationwide by identifying various security needs.

Emergency and disaster management is similar to other disciplines like: risk management, international development and public policy.

Class curricula offer students information on: terrorism, emergency planning, homeland security, methods in disaster research, private sector emergency management, economics of hazards and disasters.

By studying emergency and disaster management, students will be able to analyse factors and strategies that play a crucial role in states of emergency and disasters. The emergency and disaster management discipline will also equip students with critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to lead in complex and dangerous situations. Students participate in different disaster simulations and learn to identify the different responsibilities of individuals and agencies during an emergency.

Career prospects for graduates cover a broad range of emergency service occupations in areas like: government, non-profit organisations, emergency management agencies, public health and safety, law enforcement, immigrations, transportation security, customs and border protection.

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M.Sc. Risk, Disaster and Resilience

In this multidisciplinary Risk, Disaster and Resilience programme at University College London (UCL) students acquire a broad overview of different hazards and approaches to risk and disaster reduction and tools for research in this field.

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Walden University’s MS in Psychology program allows you to examine the social, cultural, and cognitive aspects of human behavior, providing you with a fundamental understanding of psychology principles and helping you prepare to solve real-world problems in a wide range of settings. Gain a stronger understanding of multicultural perspectives of psychology and choose from a range of specializations to suit your individual interests and goals. 

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