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Horticulture is the agronomic science that deals with the study of growing trees, vegetables, flowers, and landscape architecture. The horticulture discipline is concerned with cultivating plants for human consumption, but also for medical purposes or simply for aesthetic pleasure. Horticulture also combines science and technology with art and design principles.

Horticulture is divided into five main branches: pomology, viticulture, floriculture, oenology and landscape architecture.

Course topics in horticulture cover plant biotechnology, environmental and horticultural biology, urban ecology, wild plant identification, fruit development, and more. Programmes in horticulture also offer the opportunity to combine theoretical information with practical training in greenhouses.

By studying horticulture, students gain knowledge of plants and ways to care for them, and they will be able to make correlations between environmental factors and plant cultivation. Future horticulture professionals also learn to establish the proper design principles for landscape gardening.

Graduates may find job opportunities in areas including: landscape design, floral event planning, crop development and plant genetics. They usually follow jobs like: horticulture engineer, gardener, green keeper, advisor, researcher or teacher.

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Suggested Masters in Horticulture

Master Horticultural Science

The Master's programme Horticultural Science from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences offers a holistic view of managing and renewing the knowledge of sustainable horticultural cultivation systems, where horticultural products are represented in green environments, as food or as raw material for technical products.

M.Sc. MVS - Wine and Spirits Management

We aim at offering a programme in the front line of current issues in the global wine and spirits industry. Allying theory and practical cases, our ambition is to create adaptable managers and provide them with a clear vision of the international scope and specificities of the industry. This MVS - Wine and Spirits Management programme is delivered by KEDGE Business School.


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