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Environmental sciences study the effects of processes in nature, regardless of their cause and analyse how physical elements interact and what consequences these actions have. Some of its most important sub-fields of study are biology, ecology, physics, zoology, chemistry, mineralogy and soil sciences.

A Bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences also includes social studies that focus on human interactions and relationships and their impact on the environment. These aspects lead to development of policies that protect the planet’s activity. Once students enrol in a Master’s degree in environmental sciences, they will have the possibility to specialize in policy development, natural resources management or GIS (geographic information system).

Careers in environmental sciences are diverse and, most of the time, include both desk and field work. Graduates can become environmental education or recycling officers, environmental managers or health practitioners, toxicologists, landscape architect and transport planners.

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Suggested Masters in Environmental Sciences

M.Sc. Tourism, Heritage and Sustainability

This Tourism, Heritage and Sustainability programme at University of Glasgow is designed to build your understanding of the tourism, heritage,and sustainability sectors. Drawing upon a multidisciplinary team to do this, it uses academic approaches from the social sciences and the arts to investigate key themes. 

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Environmental Change And Society

This Environmental Change And Society programme at University of Glasgow highlights the social, political and cultural implications of environmental science and technology. You will learn to assess scientific and technological innovations as potential solutions to environmental issues.

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Leisure, Tourism and Environment

During the Leisure, Tourism and Environment M.Sc. at Wageningen University and Research you focus on themes such as landscape, space, place, locality, authenticity and sustainability. The increasing number of people that spends a growing proportion of their leisure time and money on travelling, causes new questions to arise: what is the effect of all this tourism on local cultures and economies?