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Mathematics studies numbers, structure and change and draws its origins from early philosophy. This ancient discipline is commonly used for calculations, counting and measurements. However, mathematics is a complex field which also involves theories, discovery of patterns, development of law, nicknamed of “The queen of sciences” .

Throughout history, a significant amount of mathematicians such as Galileo Galilei, Albert Einstein, Pythagoras, Archimedes and many others brought innovations in mathematics and gave birth to new theories and solutions to analytical problems. Mathematical principles can also be found in disciplines such as medicine, natural sciences, engineering, finance and social sciences.

Students who hold a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics can turn to applied mathematics, statistics, physics or engineering, if they wish to continue their studies. Such a programme develops skills such as knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry and strong deductive reasoning. After graduating a Master’s degree in mathematics, students have the choice to be employed as operational researchers, statisticians, aerospace engineers, accountants, software testers or teachers.

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Suggested Masters in Mathematics

M.Sc. Mathematics

From medical statistics to physics to the mathematical foundations of computer science, the Master's in Mathematics offers a wide scope of research opportunities. Based at the Institute for Mathematics, Astrophysics and Particle Physics (IMAPP), you will gain in-depth knowledge of your field of choice in a multidisciplinary student and research environment.

Master Master in Mathematics

The Master in Mathematics offered by the University of Luxembourg is a flexible high-standard curriculum that is close to the real needs of the students and the job market. Devoted to excellence, it offers a great variety of advanced courses enabling you to choose from four career-driven options.

Master Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

The Theoretical and Mathematical Physics programme at RUDN University provides specialists with analytical, critical and creative skills, essential for students to become competitive professionals in the field of applied and theoretical physics, and in high-techindustry and management spheres — everywhere modern IT are used.