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Biology is a natural science, together with chemistry and physics, and it is taught in schools of all levels. This field explores all living and non-living forms of life, from microorganisms to plants, animals and humans. Biology sub-disciplines focus on species and groups of organisms and offer an in-depth study of their growth and evolution, origin, actions and distribution around the world.

Zoology, biophysics, anthropology, histology and ecology are only some of the specializations that students choose for a Master’s degree in biology. Others may enrol in a degree programme that focuses on the foundations of modern biology, such as cell theory, evolution, genetics, homeostasis and energy. While classic biology had the cell as a centre point, today the focus of attention is on energy, as a mechanism of survival for organisms.

Graduates of a Master degree in biology enter a competitive employment market, where practical experience plays a major role. They are able to find jobs as higher education lecturers, pharmacologists, research scientists or science writers.

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Suggested Masters in Biology

M.Sc. Molecular Life Sciences

At the interface of chemistry, biology and medical science, the Master’s programme Molecular Life Science is unique in the Netherlands. You will explore the basic principles of molecules and cells and also their role in health and disease, with your choice of specialised focus. As well as study, you will gain extensive research experience in high-profile multidisciplinary research groups.

M.Sc. Medical Biology

The Master’s programme in Medical Biology provides a unique combination of fundamental research and clinical application, with a focus on molecular and cellular life processes at the cutting edge of fundamental biology and medical scientific research. Choose from five specialisations: Clinical Biology, Medical Epigenomics, Neuroscience, Science in Society and Science, Management and Innovation. 

M.Sc. Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

The Bioinformatics and Systems Biology programme offered by ITMO University prepares a new generation of professionals capable of solving bioinformatics problems arising in experimental biology.

M.Sc. Adaptive Organisms

How do plants adapt in areas with regular flooding or drought? And what are the consequences of an increase of water acidity for a fish or a micro-organism? The Master's in Adaptive Organisms offers a challenging research-orientated programme that covers the fundamental processes involved in stress responses of plants, micro-organisms and animals.