11 Top-Ranked Universities in Switzerland

Attending a university in Switzerland isn't just chocolate and mountain-climbing; it means also enrolling in some of the top-ranked universities in the world. On the popular university rankings lists, you'll discover several universities that are in Switzerland - all of which are globally-recognised and highly ranked among global institutions. University of St. Gallen, for example, joins rank with several excellent colleges, law schools, medical schools, engineering schools, and business schools whose courses and names are well-known everywhere. These organisations are known for being the most selective and competitive universities, and are at the top of the world rankings lists.

World university rankings take into consideration the teachers' competencies, the quality of education, and student satisfaction, as well as the international student ratio, and the number of citations their research gets. So, there's a lot of work that goes into making this university rankings list and selecting the best academic institutions Switzerland has to offer. Using the highest ranked universities below as a starting point, you can bet you'll stand out from other students and you'll join a fine and amazing elite who attended some of the top Swiss universities.

Top Ranked Universities on MastersPortal

Universities World University Ranking (2018) Academic Ranking of World Universities (2017)
10 19
38 -
95 95
105 101
130 60
136 58
152 151
201 401
401 -
401 -
- 76


Switzerland is a federal Republic in western Europe. It comprises 26 cantons and has four official languages: German (predominant), French, Italian and Romansh. Switzerland is not member of the European Union and has the swiss franc as currency. It is the country with the highest wealth per adult in the world.