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European law focuses especially on the legislative aspects related to the European Union, such as the constitutional law and the EU competition law. Legal skills and international relations are two of the main matters studied by this discipline which leads to careers in the legal system, public or private agencies.

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Studying in Netherlands

The Netherlands (also known as Holland) was the first non-English-speaking country to offer degrees in English. Therefore, various programmes are taught in English and are very internationally oriented.

16 European Law Master's degrees in Netherlands

LL.M. Business Law

Develop a strong understanding of all aspects of business law and the legal workings of the EU. In the Master's in Business Law you'll learn all you need to deal with legal issues when doing business in or trading with the European Union. 

Faculty of Law
LL.M. International and European Law Advanced

Develop an elaborate understanding of European and international law, including in-depth knowledge of the external dimension of EU law and the rules that govern the Union’s international relations. The Master's in International and European Law Advanced trains you to be a generalist in International European Law who grasps the bigger picture and can work in academia, consultancy or diplomacy.

Faculty of Law
LL.M. European Law

Develop your understanding and knowledge of European Union law and pursue a legal career with a strong international dimension. In the Master's in European Law you can focus on competition law, company law, immigration law, external relations law, judicial protection, human rights law, insolvency law and public international law, and obtain a sound basis for an international legal career as a European law expert.

Faculty of Law
LL.M. Human Rights and Migration

Understanding how international and European legal instruments influence the position and mobility of citizens in the EU and how the major international documents and courts protect the rights of individuals. The Master's in Human Rights and Migration will give you insight into the dynamic nature of European legislation and international human rights treaties with a practical perspective.

Faculty of Law
LL.M. European Law and Global Affairs

The Master's specialisation in European Law and Global Affairs offers a unique multidisciplinary programme combining the study of European law and political science. Combining international relations and European law studies, it focuses on the main challenges facing the EU in the 21st century and looks at the various legal rules and policy options that may be developed in response.

Faculty of Law
LL.M. European Law

Utrecht's University LLM in European Law will immerse you in this challenging and dynamic field while opening up many new opportunities to you both during and after the programme.

Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance
LL.M. Transnational Legal Studies

The Transnational Legal Studies is offered by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. You will study the core principles of European and international law in depth, and go beyond this to understand the role of law in a globalizing world, and the challenges that it raises to our traditional ideas of sovereignty and democracy. 

Faculty of Law
LL.M. Insolvency Law

Get two Master's degrees in one year and develop an understanding and knowledge of comparative and international corporate, insolvency and European Law for a legal career with a strong international focus. The Master's in Insolvency Law, taught with Nottingham Law School in the UK, will train you to be an expert in insolvency law with a holistic perspective and a practical focus.

Faculty of Law
LL.M. European Law School

Are you inquisitive, analytical and internationally-minded? Do you like coming up with creative solutions to complex legal questions? And can you see yourself providing clients with legal advice on European tenders, or migration to the EU? European Law School at Maastricht University may be the programme you're looking for.

Faculty of Law
M.A. Euroculture

Euroculture offers great opportunities if you are interested in understanding—and shaping—today's Europe. The Euroculture programme offered by the University of Groningen is ideal for students who understand that Europe's future will be shaped not only by economics and politics, but also by struggles over identities, values, and heritage.

Faculty of Arts
LL.M. European Economic Law

The European Economic Law program from the University of Groningen covers the central aspects of European Market Law, meaning that  students learn about the many different types of law, including institutional law, labor law, tax law, and the European protection of human rights.  

Faculty of Law
LL.M. European Law

European Law is a one-year Master’s specialisation at the internationally renowned Leiden Law School at Leiden University. The programme distinguishes itself by its broad intra-disciplinary approach, covering institutional, constitutional as well as substantive law of the EU in addition to human rights from an EU perspective.

Faculty of Law
LL.M. International and European Law: Public International Law

Public international law has a long tradition but also an acute modern relevance. Its main functions are the facilitation of the co-existence of independent states and communities and the furtherance of international cooperation for shared interests. Both functions are of critical importance in an era of internationalisation and globalisation.

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