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Studying Visual Arts

Visual arts study the arrangement of colours, shapes or other elements that influence the sense of beauty, especially the discovery of beauty in a graphic and plastic environment. Visual arts graduates can follow careers as cartoonists, illustrators, industrial designers and more.

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Studying in Netherlands

The Netherlands (also known as Holland) was the first non-English-speaking country to offer degrees in English. Therefore, various programmes are taught in English and are very internationally oriented.

23 Visual Arts Master's degrees in Netherlands

M.A. Art and Visual Culture (Research)

The research Master’s in Art and Visual Culture studies the relationship between art, the past and the present from various angles, including the interpretation of the cultural contexts of visual expressions and their transformations throughout the ages up to now. This programme is geared towards classical archaeologists, art historians and cultural scholars alike. You’ll gain insight into general humanities methods and theories as well as those specific for those three fields. You can then go to focus on your own topic in the field of Art-Historical, Cultural Studies and Archaeology.

Faculty of Arts
M.Sc. Game Technology

This one-year master’s programme teaches you to address and solve the specific problems that characterise the national and international game industry by exploring the professional and academic fields and by analysing relevant material. During the academic year you will work on your own project, during which you will be supervised by professionals from the academic and commercial arenas. 

Master Degrees
M.A. Performing Public Space

The brand new international Master program: Performing Public Space from Fontys University of Applied Sciences is designed for international creatives from a variety of art disciplines, who currently focus on public space as their artistic environment. This distance-learning program is breaking new ground in investigating public space as a backdrop for artistic expression and intervention.

M.A. Art, Literature and Society

What critical role do artists, philosophers, writers and poets play in today’s society?  What is the point of art in public spaces? What can your role as a future student of culture mean to society? If you are passionate about such issues, the master’s programme in Art, Literature and Society from Maastricht University could be the programme for you.

Faculty of Arts and Social Science
M.Sc. Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology (Research)

Are you inquisitive, curious and open-minded? Are you interested in how science, arts and technology contribute to modern culture?  And would you like to pursue an academic career in this challenging field? Then you should consider getting a research master’s in Cultures of Art, Science and Technology at Maastricht University.

Faculty of Arts and Social Science
M.A. Arts and Culture - Arts of the Netherlands

The two-year Research Master's programme Arts of the Netherlands focuses on the artistic tradition of the Netherlands from circa 1400-1900, comprising the fields of early Netherlandish art, Dutch and Flemish art of the Golden Age, and modern art from the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Graduate School for Humanities
M.A. Arts and Culture

The MA in Arts and Culture at Leiden University is your chance to acquire a world-class, customised qualification within the field of Arts and Culture.

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Artist Educator

The international Master Artist Educator (iMAE) is an innovative cross-disciplinary programme of study that aims to utilize the creative potential of the arts to engage with challenges of contemporary life across the globe.

M.A. Comparative Cultural Analysis - Arts and Culture

In the Master’s programme Comparative Cultural Analysis you will explore works of art and literature, cinema and new media, as well as academic and popular culture in relation to contemporary issues such as globalisation, mobility, gender identities, and social and cultural conflicts.

Graduate School for Humanities
M.A. Painting

Do you want to grow as an artist of fine arts? Would you like to expand your skills and extend your knowledge and insight into the art of painting? Do you want to know how to grow as an artist of an art that has been reinvented all over the world? Join the Painting programme at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen.

Art Academy Minerva
M.A. Arts and Culture - Artistic Research

The two-year Research Master's programme Artistic Research bridges the gap between professional art training and academic research, and takes an experimental approach to the study of art objects, as well as broader artistic concepts and interpretation.

Graduate School for Humanities
M.A. Fine Art

The Master of Arts in Fine Art is a one-year, full-time masters program from HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. The program consists of seminars, workshops, studios, and tutorials where artists, architects, curators, designers, and various theorists share their knowledge, creativity, and professional insights with students.

Master of Music ArtScience

The programme ArtScience programme at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, is based on the concept of the open curriculum. Because the master students are admitted on the basis of a specific research plan and because two years is too short to familiarize themselves with the Interfaculty before making choices, this research plan is translated into a study plan together with the coaches.

M.A. Artistic Research

The Master Artistic Research (MAR) is an intensive two-year study program aimed at an international group of students working in the field of visual art, who also have an interest in research processes and critical reflection within their art practice. The MAR is a collaboration between the Royal Academy of Art The Hague and the Royal Conservatory, both in The Hague, who together make up the University of the Arts The Hague.

M.A. DAI Art Praxis

Dutch Art Institue (DAI) Art Praxis offers a unique space for artistic research, critical theory and experimentation, where the limits of conventional art education are surpassed: a Roaming Academy where artists are also researchers, curators, performers, writers and publishers.

M.A. Media, Art, Design and Technology

What is Media, Art, Design and Technology at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen all about? In a nutshell this is it: artists doing strange things with technology. This means you will embark on a master where anything is possible. You will view and create art in ways you can hardly imagine beforehand. 

Art Academy Minerva