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Marketing studies the part of a business which ensures that goods and services are reaching the customer by understanding its needs. Marketing embodies components like distribution, product management, pricing and consumer behaviour. Typical marketing processes are advertising and promotion and selecting the right distribution channels to reach market target.

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Studying in Netherlands

The Netherlands (also known as Holland) was the first non-English-speaking country to offer degrees in English. Therefore, various programmes are taught in English and are very internationally oriented.

19 Marketing Master's degrees in Netherlands

M.Sc. Marketing

The Marketing programme is offered by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The best marketers prove themselves where it matters: at the heart of the business world.

School of Business and Economics
M.Sc. Econometrics and Operations Research - Marketing Data Science

The Econometrics and Operations Research - Marketing Data Science specialization from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam hands-on study into econometric methods for analyzing marketing data to facilitate better marketing strategies let you become the quantitative marketing specialist and place you at the forefront of a successful professional career.

School of Business and Economics
M.Sc. Marketing Analytics

The Master in Marketing Analytics from Tilburg University provides you with the expertise needed to pursue a career as a highly trained marketing analyst, online and otherwise, who is well equipped to deliver the sophisticated marketing information that lies behind every ingenious marketing decision.

School of Economics and Management
M.Sc. Marketing

In this programme you develop an advanced understanding of how marketing works and the skills you need to implement it effectively. The MSc in Marketing from the University of Groningen comprises two tracks: Marketing Management (MM) and Marketing Intelligence (MI).

Faculty of Economics and Business
M.Sc. Marketing Management

The Master’s program in Marketing Management at Tilburg University is an academic, specialized program oriented towards the practice of a marketing manager. Specialized courses provide a detailed and state of the art view on the 4 P’s of marketing: price, promotion, place, and product, both in an offline and online context. 

School of Economics and Management
MSc / MPhil Research Master in Business (specialization in Marketing)

The research-master program in Business (specialization in Marketing) at Tilburgh University is an in-depth study program focused on cutting-edge research in marketing using state-of-the-art techniques. In all our research, real world, business relevance is a core value. Our program trains you in applying advanced marketing theories and methods to approach these real-life marketing problems.

School of Economics and Management
Master Marketing Analytics

The Marketing Analytics programme is offered at Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS). The use of Big Data is gaining importance in the marketing field and companies are looking for academic professionals who can analyze data and give managerial advice based on the findings. 

M.Sc. Health Education and Promotion

You like working with people – children, elderly, employees, patients – but you aren’t sure how to best address their specific health problems? Would you like to help make environments and organisations conducive to healthy living? Then Health Education and Promotion at Maastricht University could be just the programme for you. 

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
M.Sc. Business Administration - Marketing

The MSc in Business Administration aims to be the gateway for ambitious students with an entrepreneurial, global mind-set to an international career in business. You will gain a deep understanding of management in one of the seven specialisations you can choose from. You will be challenged to solve real-life cases presented by our corporate partners.

Amsterdam Business School