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Studying Bio & Biomedical Engineering

Bio and biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary specialisation that serves as a bridge between engineering, biology and medicine. Biomedical engineering studies ways to improve the diagnostics, therapy, care, rehabilitation and life quality by researching and developing therapeutic devices, equipment, implants, medical imaging devices as well as pharmaceuticals.

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Studying in Austria

The great number of high-quality education institutions, a long academic tradition and an open-minded learning atmosphere make Austria an easy choice for students who are seeking an international education. Austrian universities, as well as Austrian cities, have a high multicultural environment; so it is easy for foreign students to adjust here. Study degrees are either research-focused or they include practical exercises in order to develop your problem-based learning skills.

6 Bio & Biomedical Engineering Master's degrees in Austria

M.B.A. Biotech, Pharma and MedTech Management

A new demography and aging population, chronic diseases, increased competition, as well as budget constraints demand innovative therapies, pharmaceutical and medical products and services. It is crucial for managers in pharmaceutical and medical organizations to gain an in-depth understanding and knowledge of value creation.

M.Sc. Biomimetics in Energy Systems

At the beginning of the 21 century our industrial society is confronted with major challenges in regard to energy and environment. Using new insights from the developing cross-sectional discipline Biomimetics, we can utilize strategies and procedures which have been successfully developed by nature over four billion years of evolution.

Civil Engineering and Architecture
M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering Sciences

The Biomedical Engineering Sciences master’s degree program offers an interdisciplinary education that combines medical requirements and technical solutions at the very highest level. The degree program, which is conducted in English, focuses on two areas: Biomedical Informatics and Medical Engineering.

Life Science Technologies
Master Medical Engineering (MME)

The Master’s degree programme Medical Engineering is an extension and a deepening of the Bachelor’s degree programme Medical Engineering. It enables its students to acquire profound knowledge of Medical Engineering that is primarily focused on medical device and rehabilitation technology and oriented towards the practical needs of the profession.

School of Applied Health and Social Sciences