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Business administration degrees involve various aspects of managing scarce resources in a business entity and supporting a business by production/planning, decision making, project management as well as allocating human resources and finances while, at the same time, carrying out organisational goals, policies and procedures.

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Studying in Belgium

The Kingdom of Belgium (Dutch: Koninkrijk België; French: Royaume de Belgique; German: Königreich Belgien) is a country in northwest Europe bordered by the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France and is one of the founding and core members of the European Union.

21 Business Administration Master's degrees in Belgium

M.Sc. Business Engineering (Brussels)

A business engineer is an interdisciplinary manager who guides companies from a quantitative and managerial point of view. To this end, managerial and analytical skills are combined with a profound understanding of how business and (technological) innovation processes work. The Business Engineering (Brussels) programme is delivered by KU Leuven.

Master China-Europe Business

If you want to enhance your hands-on management skills and competencies, particularly in the Chinese and European market, this China-Europe Business Master at Antwerp Management School is ideal for you. A joint initiative of two leading European business schools, this stimulating program will prepare you for a booming career in international business.

Full-time Masters
M.Sc. Applied Economic Sciences: Business Economics

Do you want to improve your understanding and expertise in business economics? This international Master’s programme offers a methodologically rigorous and effective approach to business economics issues, while it also encourages ethical reflection on the position of the manager in society, changes in the corporate world and the imperative of sustainability in today’s globalised economy. 

Faculty of Applied Economics
Master Global Management

As a result of the ever increasing globalization, managers need to be internationally oriented. Year after year, the Master in Global Management at Antwerp Management School is composed of people from all over the world, providing a truly international experience for our students. 

Full-time Masters
M.Sc. Business Economics

The Business Economics programme at KU Leuven emphasizes the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and skills in one area of specialization related to the corporate world such as international business, strategy and innovation, entrepreneurship, financial economics and marketing. 

Master Business Engineering

The Master’s degree in Business Engineering from University of Liège, with its range of specializations, gives you sound training with a high level of specialization.

HEC-Ecole de Gestion de l'ULg
M.Sc. Business and Technology

The master’s programme in Business and Technology from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) bridges the gap between – as one might expect – modern-day technology and the international world of business. Although the programme is marked by a distinct international flavour and a big focus on IT and innovation, students have the ability to thoroughly personalise their curriculum. 

Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences and Solvay Business School
M.Sc. Business Engineering

The Master in Business Engineering at UNamur teaches all aspects of business management: management of information and big data, processes, client and provider relationships, change and innovation. You will learn to become a proactive and well-informed decision-maker, capable of managing projects and teams in technological and innovating environments.

Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Business Administration
M.Sc. Food Science, Technology and Business

The two-year European Master of Science in Food Science, Technology and Business (BiFTec) at KU Leuven   is jointly organised by three European partner institutions: KU Leuven, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (HSA) and Catholic University of Portugal (UCP).

M.B.A. Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration programme at Vlerick Business School is based in Brussels and is the European capital's first and only triple-accredited Full-time MBA programme. Located only steps from some of the world’s most well-known banks, consulting firms, governmental and non-governmental organizations, the state-of-the-art Vlerick Brussels campus is perfectly situated to provide the Full-time MBA students a truly unique experience.

MBA & Masters programmes
Master Business Engineering

The Business Engineering master is a two-year management programme which is intended to strengthen the managerial abilities of students having a background in sciences (physics and chemistry) and technologies (energy, electronics and telecommunications, mechanical engineering and processes) in addition to their training in economics and management and quantitative methods.

M.B.A. Executive Master of Business Administration

The busiest people have the greatest career potential. But they need development opportunities that work around their schedule. Which is why they turn to Vlerick Business School, right here in the vibrant heart of Europe. Take the challenge – fast-forward your career. The Executive Master of Business Administration programme is offered at Vlerick Business School.

MBA & Masters programmes
M.Sc. Management

To help you become the professional that companies need, UNamur teaches all aspects of management: finance, marketing, innovation, consultancy, data management, processes, client and provider relationships, etc.You will become a proactive and well-informed decision-maker, capable of managing projects and teams in complex international, multicultural and innovating environments.

Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Business Administration
Pre-Master Bridge Programme Master of Business Administration (Brussels)

The Bridge programme at KU Leuven for the Master in Business Administration is an academic programme, with courses available during the daytime and is offered on our Brussels campus. With this combination of a professional bachelor and an academic MBA, you are well positioned for a successful future in the business world, with the ideal credentials for an executive job or a management position.