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Studying Computer Science & IT

Computer sciences and IT degrees focus on developing the theoretical foundation for information and computer systems as well as the application of those foundations. Computer science students can pursue a broad area of specialisations, in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer networks, IT security, information databases, web technologies, graphics and multimedia, and more.

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Studying in France

Except for universities for architecture, arts and design as well as engineering & management, France is also famous for its good food and wine. The French universities offer a broad range of programmes, no matter if you study in Paris, Nancy or Bordeaux.

94 Computer Science & IT Master's degrees in France

M.Sc. Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID)

The Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) programme offered by EIT Digital Master School focuses on study, design, development and evaluation of novel user interfaces and interactive systems taking into account human aspects, at the cognitive and sensory-motor levels, technological aspects, as well as business aspects.

Master Autonomous Systems

Are you interested in a career related to self-driving cars, robotics or artificial intelligence? EIT Digital Masters School offers a two year master programme in Autonomous Systems (AUS). Autonomous Systems is a combination of computer science and electronic engineering.

M.Sc. Business Intelligence and Analytics

The MSc. in Business Intelligence & Analytics is a 16 to 18-month programme (100% taught in English) that qualifies students to become professional and experience business analysts who are able to transform data analysis into decisions by creating new business models, optimising the usage of informations systems and applying business methods. Students of the programme develop into experts in their fields.

M.Sc. International Biometrics (Optics, Vision, Image and Multimedia)

This Master in International Biometrics (Optics, Vision, Image and Multimedia) is a two-years program corresponding to the fifth year of university studies. The content of this program at Université Paris-Est Créteil UPEC deals with main techniques used to extract and process digitally, human body characteristics, including physical and behavioural features. 

Faculté des Sciences et Technologie UPEC
Master Design for Smart Cities

During this Design for Smart Cities 2 year program from Strate School of Design, including a final 3 to 6 month internship, students become strong professionals thanks to an intensive project-based pedagogy, and a strong connection with the industry.

M.Sc. SENSE - Smart Grids

Smart electric grids are a critical component in the creation of a more sustainable power supply. MSc SENSE enables you to develop the engineering and entrepreneurial skills needed to understand, design, implement and manage smart grids, while enhancing your understanding of the role played by new ways of thinking, new technologies and new businesses in this changing landscape.

Master Advanced Wireless Communications Systems

The Master Program SAR is a research-oriented Master degree in wireless communication and networking. It corresponds to the second year of the 2-year European Master degree curriculum and all its courses are taught in English. The Master Degree in Advanced Wireless Communications Systems is offered by Paris-Saclay University. 

M.Sc. Chemoinformatics and Molecular Modeling

Chemoinformatics and Molecular Modeling Master's degree programme is delivered by ITMO University in collaboration with the University of Strasbourg (France). The programme focuses on training top quality professionals willing to pursue their career in the sphere of modern pharmacology and computerized drug design.

Master International Track

The International Track Master Degree from Université Paris-Saclay is a two-year program taught in English to get a Master degree. During the first year three distinct tracks are offered. These tracks open on second year of the International track of the Paris-Saclay University.

Graduate Degree Data Science for Business

The Graduate Degree Data Science for Business from Ecole Polytechnique will provide you with the fundamental skills and understanding of Data issues and challenges. This program responds specifically to the growing demand by companies for a new generation of data scientists and managers, who can deal with data pool on technological, scientific and business levels.

Master Big Data - Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Architecture

The Master in Big Data: Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Architecture at EISTI Graduate Engineering School, accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, draws on the recognized excellence of our engineering school in business intelligence and has grown from the specializations in Decision Support, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics.

M.Sc. Mobile Computing Systems

This Mobile Computing Systems Master, jointly delivered by EURECOM - Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Science and INSTITUT MINES TELECOM, provides a comprehensive set of competences in communication systems: from physical layer (wireless communications theory and implementation aspects), mobile networking (based on IPV6), to applications (for smartphone, tablets…).

EURECOM Study Track
M.Sc. Strategy, Consultancy and Digital Transformation

With this challenging programme, you will develop management consulting skills and strategic thinking to deal with business realities and perspectives. This MSc has been specifically designed to target the competencies required by top-tier consulting firms and corporate strategy departments. 

Business Management
MDes Digital Culture / Information Design

The Digital Culture / Information Design program at L'École de Design Nantes Atlantique explores the emerging challenges presented by the exponential production of data, from graphic representation to the conceptualization of innovative services based on data, information and knowledge. 

Design School
M.Sc. Data Analytics and Digital Business

The M.Sc. in Data Analytics and Digital Business from EDHEC Business School will hone your business decision intelligence. You will acquire a “common language" understandable by both data scientists and business management to create successful and innovative strategies for the digital age. 

Business Management
Master Computer Science

The International Master of Computer Science, offered at ESIEE Paris, is a two-year programme entirely taught in English, that aims to provide the skills required in the design of ''Intelligent Systems''. 

Computer Science
M.Sc. Big Data, Marketing and Management

The MSc in Big Data, Marketing and Management offered by Toulouse Business School, aims at providing a solid multi-disciplinary training to help its students equip themselves with the necessary skill sets to solve today's marketing problems and become an essential part of their future companies' decision making process.

M.Sc. Computer Sciences - Industry 4.0

Our Computer Sciences - Industry 4.0 Master degree at University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour offers a 1 year, full-time postgraduate program, aimed at providing solid scientific and technological foundations in order innovate, design and develop future digital organisations based on the new Internet of Everything (IoE) paradigm. 

Master Big Data and Business Analytics

The Master in Big Data and Business Analytics at ESCP Europe Business School, one of the world's Top Business Schools, is a 1-year, full-time postgraduate programme across 2 countries for those aiming for a successful career in various job functions: Supply Chain, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and more.

Master Control Systems (CORO CSYS)

This Master in Control Systems (CORO CSYS) is offered at Ecole Centrale de Nantes. The objective of this specialism is to provide theoretical and methodological tools in order to analyse the structure and properties of dynamic systems, and to design control and observation solutions.

Control and Robotics
M.Sc. High Performance Computing and Data Sciences

This High Performance Computing and Data Sciences course provides a strong foundation in the fields of high performance computing with data sciences for advanced simulations. This MSc program at the Université Côte d'Azur focuses on advanced education and the practice of HPC and data-driven applications.

M.Sc. MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science

The MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science is designed to grow a new generation of leading marketing specialists – digital savvy professionals that can benefit from an explosive growth of online technologies to develop business.

International Programmes
M.Sc. Business Analytics

The MSc in Business Analytics is a new MSc offered in collaboration with QMUL’s School of Mathematics and is aimed at students who are highly numerate and have a strong interest in developing statistical and business skills required to succeed in the digital economy.

Business Management
Master Computer Science

The bachelor’s degree is followed by a Master’s degree that takes two years to complete (M1, M2): the first year aims at strengthening the Computer Science background, whereas the second year consists of research courses and a research internship. The natural follow-up is a doctoral degree lasting three years, and then a career in academia, with a teaching-and-research or research-only position

Master International Master in Management of Information Technology (IMMIT)

Information technologies (IT) are increasingly an integral part of products and services as well as the foundation of business processes. This programme addresses this new Information & Management challenge. The programme is designed to prepare students to become “hybrid” managers who can act as intermediaries between business users and IT specialists in an international environment.

M.Sc. Machine Learning and Data Mining

MLDM (Machine Learning and Data Mining) is an international master program of University Jean Monnet (UJM) and the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne. It leads to the award of the French national master degre in Computer Science as well as the University Diploma in Machine Learning and Data Mining of the University Jean Monnet.

M.Sc. Data and Business Analytics

The Graduates of the MSc in Data and Business Analytics from Rennes School of Business will be leaders in data-driven decision making. They will be able to synthesize relevant business analytics information and develop and use analytics tools of different types and forms to improve decisions throughout an organization.

Master Computer Engineering - Global IT Management (GITM)

The aim of the International Master at EPITA is to develop in its students the best management practices within the field of Computer Science Engineering. Each student should have a solid basis in fundamental engineering concepts and in those additional skills essential for both clarity and accuracy in situation analysis and problem solving in the IT business.

International Engineering Masters Programmes
Graduate Diploma Digital Transformation and IoT Consulting

We aim to provide future business executives and leaders with the knowledge and the skills needed to meet the new digital challenges of the 21st century. This Digital Transformation and IoT Consulting program at Université Côte d'Azur will give you a theoretically-informed and practically-grounded approach to dealing with digital transformation as it is impacted by the IoT.

M.Sc. CIMET / Color in Informatics and MEdia Technolgy /

CIMET / Color in Informatics and MEdia Technolgy is a two-year research Master Degree in fundamental color science, preparing students for doctoral research, engaging them to undertake cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research projects in photonics, computer vision & imaging science, computer science & multimedia technology and typically leading graduates to PhD and re

M.Sc. Digital Business

Digital technologies are an integral and growing component for competitive advantage and effective business operations in the global marketplace. All managers require the skills and knowledge to leverage a professional profile in the increasingly pervasive digital economy.

M.Sc. Informatics

The objective of the Informatics at the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) Master of Science is to offer to all students, regardless of country of origin, access to world-class graduate training in areas of informatics where the scientific research community in Grenoble is particularly strong. 

M.Sc. Computer Vision

The master course aims to provide qualifications for entry into the professions in the area of robotics, computer vision, image processing and medical imaging either in public laboratory or private research company. 

M.Sc. Chemoinformatique/ Chemoinformatics

This training forms specialists for chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for academic research. Graduates will dispose of solid knowledge in chemistry, physical-chemistry, basic informatics and specific chemoinformatic methods, such as molecular modelling, quantum chemistry and quantum dynamics.

Faculté de Chimie
M.Sc. Information System Governance (ISG)

The Information System Governance (ISG) program at IMT Atlantique - Graduate Engineering School is aimed at future experts in IT project management and IT & organization consulting, providing them with the necessary skills to analyze the effects of establishing an information system, to participate in the implementation of such a system, and to measure the actual effects of using such systems.

M.Sc. Data Sciences and Business Analytics

An intelligent use of data nowadays forms the core of business decisions constitutes the driving force of the societal and economic evolution of the years to come. It is probably one of the most important topics of our days. The MSc in Data Sciences and Business Analytics is offered by ESSEC Asia-Pacific.

Master Data Mining and Knowledge Management

Data mining and knowledge management (DMKM) has become essential for improving the competitiveness of businesses and increasing access to knowledge. DMKM still, however, comes up against major scientific and technological obstacles. This EMMC’s degree in DMKM proposes specialist training in this field.

Master PERCCOM - PERvasive Computing and COMmunications for Sustainable Development

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) in Pervasive Computing and Communications for Sustainable Development (PERCCOM) aims at combining advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with environmental awareness to enable world-class education and unique competences for ICT professionals who can build cleaner, greener, more resource and energy efficient cyber-physical systems.

M.Sc. Industrial and Applied Mathematics (MSIAM)

Currently, applied mathematics is an area that provides many job opportunities, in industry and in the academic world. There is a great demand for mathematical engineers on topics such as scientific computation, big data analysis, imaging and computer graphics, with applications in many fields such as physics, medicine, biology, engineering, finance, environmental sciences. Grenoble Institute of Technology offers the MS in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (MSIAM) degree programme.