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Management, organisation and leadership sciences deal with all the operations and their coordination towards reaching goals set by organisations. As part of business administration studies, the field involves areas such as human resources, organizational behaviour, business strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, performance management, communication.

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Studying in France

Except for universities for architecture, arts and design as well as engineering & management, France is also famous for its good food and wine. The French universities offer a broad range of programmes, no matter if you study in Paris, Nancy or Bordeaux.

121 Management, Organisation & Leadership Master's degrees in France

M.Sc. Strategic Management

This intensive program has been designed for high potential students who want to have a strategic impact in the organization they will work for. As a complex and thrilling discipline, strategy requires strong critical thinking skills and determination, that’s why the MSc Strategic Management at HEC Paris School of Management recruits the brightest students in a variety of disciplines.

M.Sc. Management and Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy

Join our diverse academic community for a year of challenges and collaborations that will help you change and shape your career trajectory. Our students are driven designers, architects, visual and fine artists, writers and others who work in the creative and cultural industries. This Management and Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy program is offered by Audencia Business School.

International Masters
Master Management

The Master in Management at Audencia Business School is one of France’s elite Grande École programmes, recognised worldwide for quality. As a student, you benefit from our reputation, network and forward-thinking training. You’ll develop multiple areas of expertise and be strong in the fundamentals of international management. You’ll have diverse and immersive work experiences.

International Masters
M.Sc. Management

The Master in Management is a 2-year Programme (100% taught in English) accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and ranked as one of the best postgradue programmes in France and Europe by the Financial Times Ranking. The programme prepares students to become business leaders holding the highest managerial posts. Students are offered an excellent professional management training, various dual-degree, exchange opportunities, executive internships and an international environment.

M.B.A. International Management

The International Management programme offered by the IAE Rennes aims to provide students with the essential skills necessary to pursue a career as an International Business Executive.

M.Sc. Arts and Cultural Management

The MSc Arts and Cultural Management is a 1-year programme offered by Burgundy School of Business, which aims to train future arts andcultural managers and provides them with the broad knowledge, experience and skills required towork in cultural and creative industries, both at national and international level. 

Master Business and Management

The Léonard de Vinci Business School (EMLV) offers several degrees with specialisations in accounting, digital business, marketing, finance, and human resources. The Business and Management programme is offered by the Leonard de Vinci Group.  

M.Sc. Management - Grande Ecole

By joining the MSc in Management - Grande Ecole at emlyon business school, you will learn how to think, manage and operate effectively in today's global business environment, and along the way acquire the tangible evidence to show it. The Management - Grande Ecole programme is offered at emlyon business school.

International Programmes
Master International Master in Management

Join some of the brightest innovators from around the world at Audencia Business School. In the International Master in Management (IMM) programme at Audencia Business School, you’ll take courses led by global experts within a highly international campus and curriculum.

International Masters
M.Sc. Global Luxury and Management

The MSc Global Luxury Management offered by SKEMA Business School is taught at the NC State University, Raleigh campus, August to December, and at the SKEMA Paris campus, January to May.

Master of Science Programs
Master Fashion & Luxury Management

This Fashion & Luxury Management master's degree at LISAA School of Design allows bachelor level students, and also professionals in continued learning or who are changing careers, to study management and marketing whilst working in a company. 

M.Sc. International Master in Luxury Management

Managing companies operating in the Luxury Goods industry requires peculiar and specialised skills and knowledge that are usually not covered by traditional general management programmes.The International Master in Luxury Management programme is offered by the MIP Politecnico Di Milano.

Master Programmes
M.Sc. Project Management

The MSc. in Project Management is a 16 to 18-month programme (100% taught in English) that develops effective project leaders mastering the knoweldge, tools and techniques of Project Management. Students are trained under the supervision of Project Management professionals and PMI (Project Management Institute) members. Graduates are ready to launch, manage and control projects in an international context.

M.Sc. Hospitality and Tourism Management

Paris is the tourism capital of the world, so the city becomes your classroom! PSB Paris School of Business is in the ideal location for you to learn from industry leaders in the hospitality and tourism sector and interact with experts and professionals.The Hospitality and Tourism Management course is offered at PSB Paris School of Business.

M.Sc. Luxury and Fashion Management

Home to major couture and jewelry brands, upscale hotels, luxury spas, and over 70 Michelin-starred restaurants, the city of Paris becomes your classroom. The Luxury and Fashion Management course is offered at PSB Paris School of Business.

Master Lab Science Trading

The Lab Science Trading programme is offered at the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA). Students from all over the world attend this course. Lectures will be entirely in English. The student must have at least a M1 scientific level (or equivalent).

Master Art Market Manager

Students in the “Art Market Manager” Master’s programme from the EAC Group benefit from a programme enabling them to manage and lead projects as well as to engage in their own entrepreneurial project.

EAC - École d'Arts et de Culture
M.Sc. Supply Chain And Lean Management

In the globalized and complex world of today, a necessary and sufficient condition for achieving a high level of competitiveness is by training managers to be multi-competent. This is the reason why the Supply Chain And Lean Management MSc program offered by Toulouse Business School is designed around 3 disciplines: Supply Chain Management, Lean Management and Project Management

M.B.A. Luxury and Artistic Handicrafts Manager

The MBA condensates the major axes of the Master’s programme in Luxury Management at EAC Group - Artistic and Cultural Engineering. Conceived to meet the international challenges of the sectors, classes are mostly taught in English.

EAC - École d'Arts et de Culture
Master Management

The Master in Management offered by Toulouse Business School is characterized by its academic rigor and coherent structure, allowing a gradual acquisition of skills with an international dimension.

Master Grande Ecole - Management

The Grande Ecole - Management programme offered by Montpellier Business School is among the top 15 best French Masters Grandes Écoles (L'Etudiant, Challenge, Le Point, Le Figaro, Le Parisien) and placed 53rd in the Financial Times Masters in Management 2017 global rankings.

M.Sc. Management Studies

The M.Sc. in Management Studies from EDHEC Business School will prepare you to be a relational, reflexive and ethical manager. This programme will provide you with comprehensive principles and expertise in the main managerial disciplines and enable you to transition into a managerial position.

Business Management
M.Sc. MVS - Wine and Spirits Management

We aim at offering a programme in the front line of current issues in the global wine and spirits industry. Allying theory and practical cases, our ambition is to create adaptable managers and provide them with a clear vision of the international scope and specificities of the industry. This MVS - Wine and Spirits Management programme is delivered by KEDGE Business School.

KEDGE Business School
M.Sc. International Trade and Logistics

This MSc offers a global approach that enables students to develop key skills in three areas: International Trade, International Transport and International Logistics. Master the commercial and strategic challenges of transport & logistics in an international environment. This International Trade and Logistics programme is offered by KEDGE Business School. 

KEDGE Business School
Master Corporate Strategy

The Master in Corporate Strategy is the one-year program from Sciences Po for young graduates interested in corporate strategy, entrepreneurship and humanities. It is the ideal program for serious students aspiring to become truly specialized corporate strategists in consulting firms or “in-house”, within firms.

Sciences Po Department of Economics
Master Business and Science - Vineyard & Winery Management

The Master in Business and Science - Vineyard & Winery Management at Bordeaux Sciences Agro combines knowledge of business management, viticulture, and oenology. The Master’s degree includes courses about winery technology, marketing in wine estates, vine and wine law. Learn how to develop a business plan, conduct winery evaluations, and make sensory evaluation of wines.

M.Sc. Marketing Management

A specialist marketing programme designed for young passionate graduates and professionals seeking top marketing management positions. Through this programme, you will gain advanced knowledge of the marketing discipline and be given the chance to supervise real-time projects through close cooperation with companies. 

Business Management
M.Sc. Advanced Nuclear Waste Management

 Advanced Nuclear Waste Management specializes in nuclear waste management. It develops fundamental scientific, technical and industrial knowledge, has a particular focus on the backend of the nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear waste management, long-term safety and environmental impact assessment and provides strong insights on dismantlement and decommissioning of nuclear installations.

M.Sc. International Management

The Master of Science in International Management at Rennes School of Business teaches fundamental notions on the best practices and techniques to lead an international organisation. The Master’s s programme offers courses in global organisational behaviour, international marketing, financial tool boxes and the management of information technology.

M.Sc. Business Analytics

The MSc in Business Analytics is a new MSc offered in collaboration with QMUL’s School of Mathematics and is aimed at students who are highly numerate and have a strong interest in developing statistical and business skills required to succeed in the digital economy.

Business Management
M.A. Public Policy (Dual Degree with the Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo(GraSPP))

This two-year program, built on the complementary approaches of two prestigious members of the Global Public Policy Network (GPPN), combines the study of economics, public administration, global health and management. It is designed for young professionals who want to gain an expertise on the management and evaluation of public policy in the European context and at the heart of two major European capitals.

Sciences Po School of Public Affairs
Master International HR Management

The International HR Management Master’s program aims to train executive HR managers fit to not only to work but also to create value themselves within the international and multi-cultural environment shaped by today’s multinational enterprises both in France and abroad. The 12-month program alternates between academia and an apprenticeship in HR, typically in a large multinational company.

M.Sc. Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole

The In Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole - Taught Fully in English programme - a triple advantage to start your career in global management. A triple degree from leading European institutions - emlyon business school (France), Ludwig Maximilian Universität (Germany) and Lancaster University Management School (United Kingdom), a 2-year multicultural experience, worldwide career opportunities!

International Programmes
M.Sc. Global Business Management

The Master of Science in Global Business Management at Rennes School of Business teaches students key notions of entrepreneurship and corporate management. The Master’s programme offers courses on international marketing, finance, global human resource management, economics and international business law, global organisational behaviour and project management.

M.B.A. Luxury Brand Management

Luxury is going through a phenomenon much akin to the Big Bang our Universe has experienced billions of years ago. It is in perpetual movement and the core ideas defining its framework are being dismantled one by one. Should we still assume that Luxury brands invariably utilize a price skimming strategy when Hermes was forced to hold its first ever sale in Hangzhou China in 2014?

M.Sc. International Management - MIEX

The ICN MSc in International Management - MIEX, Bac+5 is taught in English throughout the whole program. It is taught in Nancy (France) and in Bologna (Italy) for year 1 of the program, then at one of the ICN Business School’s international university partners in year 2.

International Programmes
M.Sc. International Luxury Management

The International Master in Luxury Management is a unique double-degree programme created jointly by NEOMA Business School and MIP Politecnico in Milan. We have combined our academic and professional expertise and practice to deliver a curriculum specialised in how to understand, create and manage value in the luxury sector.

Postgraduate Studies
M.Sc. Corporate Finance and Managerial Accounting

Many financial institutions have headquarters or subsidiaries in Paris and provide this Master with a direct link to professionals in the sector.Paris is also a unique experience as a dynamic economic center and a cultural capital. The Corporate Finance and Managerial Accounting course is offered at PSB Paris School of Business.

Master European Management Studies

The Master “European Management Studies” at EMStrasbourg Business School is amongst the top schools in the 2015 ranking forinternational business studies (The MOCI), out of the 83 differentinternational business programmes ranked.

European Master Data Mining and Knowledge Management

Data Mining and Knowledge Management (DMKM) has become essential for improving the competitiveness of businesses and increasing access to knowledge. DMKM still comes up, however, against major scientific and technological obstacles. This European Master in DMKM proposes specialized training in this field.

Faculty of Economy and Management
MiM Grande Ecole Management

Join the NEOMA Business School Master in Management programme and become a high-level manager, with solid cross-functional skills, a cutting-edge specialisation, and the ability to unite people and rethink dominant models.

Postgraduate Studies
M.Sc. Luxury and Design Management

The ICN Business School MSc Degree in Luxury and Design Management, (5 years post-High School), is taught on the ICN Business School’s ARTEM campus in Nancy, in the Lorraine region in the north east of France. 

International Programmes
Master in Management Global Economic Transformation and Technology (GETT) MiM

The new Master in Management, Global Economic Transformation and Technology (GETT), a two-year academic programme from EDHEC Business School, will expose you to the managerial talents desired by companies serving the needs of sustainable development and meeting the challenge of disruptive change caused by advances in information and technology.

Master in Management - Grand Ecole Programme
Master Management

The ICN Business School Master in Management is a graduate program, approved by the French government’s Ministry of Higher Education and Research, taught on our campuses located in Nancy and in Metz(France), in Nuremberg (Germany) and in Chengdu (China).

International Programmes
M.B.A. Wine Marketing and Management

Wine Marketing and Management program, with a strong international orientation, welcomes students from diverse academic backgrounds (business schools, universities, engineering school, etc.) as well as professionals from the wine industry.

Master's Programmes
Master International Manager

The International Manager Master is offered by Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA). Globalization creates new challenges for corporate management. It increases the complexity of organizations' environment, and therefore the complexity of their strategies and operations. 

M.A. General Management Program

The General Management Programme (Master of Management and Business Administration), IAE fl agship degree, offers an overall vision of Business Administration and Management to students from Humanities or from scientific or technical backgrounds : engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc.

M.A. Public Policy (Dual Degree with Hertie School of Governance)

This two-year program, built on the complementary approaches of two prestigious members of the Global Public Policy Network (GPPN), combines the study of economics, public policy and management. It is designed for young professionals who want to gain an expertise on the management and evaluation of public policy in the European context and at the heart of two major European capitals.

Sciences Po School of Public Affairs
M.Sc. International Management

The MSc in International Management is a flexible yet structured degree program taught at The American University of Paris that provides you with the advanced skills to navigate the complex national, cultural and socio-economic contexts in which all of today’s business and other organizations operate.

Graduate Programs
M.Sc. Management Fundamentals

Develop a double competence, give your career an international and innovating dimension. In MSc 1st Year, students acquire or consolidate fundamental knowledge on management  and they tailor their own training to prepare for their specialisation of choice in 2nd Year. 

M.Sc. Global Management

The MSc in Global Management at NEOMA Business School is offered as a single degree in Reims, or as a double degree with the prestigious D'Amore Mc Kim School of Business, Northeastern University Boston. In addition, it is a partner of the International Partnership of Business Schools [IPBS] Master of International Management [MIM].

Postgraduate Studies
M.Sc. Economics and Management of Innovation

The objective of this Master's course is to offer candidates the opportunity to acquire in-depth training over a period of two years (M1 and M2) on Industrial Organization and Economics and Management of Knowledge and Innovation. 

Faculty of Economics and Management
Master Applied Corporate Management

The Master in Applied Corporate Management at Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) is a graduate program in business dedicated to students keen to discover and understand the theories, practices and tools useful for leading organizations and making managerial decisions.

M.Sc. International Management

The MSc in International Management  is a highly coveted degree recognized in the United States, Great Britain and increasingly in Asia. Telecom Business School’s program is designed for both international managers specialized in information systems and candidates interested in developing research capabilities.

English taught Programmes
Master in Management Business Management

The Business Management programme is specifically designed to provide you the academia background and competences required for an international career in management. Taught on our Lille campus, it awards a double degree: the Master in Management and the Master of Science. 

Master in Management - Grand Ecole Programme