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Geology is the earth science that studies earth history, materials and processes, and their impact on the environment. Important research areas include hydro- and geochemistry, hydrogeology and the management of natural resources. Geology is closely related to other scientific fields such as oceanography, soil sciences, engineering geology and environmental sciences.

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Universities in Germany are famous for excellent education, not only in engineering. German degrees are recognized all around the world and have a strong international focus. Various scholarships and special support for international students are available.

10 Geology Master's degrees in Germany

M.Sc. Landscape Ecology

The Landscape Ecology programme is offered at the University of Hohenheim.Climate, soils, human land use, and other aspects of the environment are changing in space and time. 

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
M.Sc. Geology

The Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Freiburg offers a full-time master program Geology, leading to M.Sc. degree.

Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources
M.Sc. Experimental Geosciences

The M.Sc. program ‘Experimental Geosciences’ pursues training and research in one of the central areas in modern Earth Sciences: the experimental simulation of processes occurring in the Earth. This includes the characterization of physical and chemical properties of Earth materials to advance their understanding.

M.Sc. Marine Geosciences

The internationally oriented postgraduate study programme Master of Science "Marine Geosciences" promotes the latest state of marine geosciences and technology.

Fachbereich Biologie/Chemie
Master Geoscience

The international Master program Geoscience offers three specializations the student has to decide for at the very beginning: Tectonophyscis of Orogeny, Environmental Geoscience, Hydrogeology/Hydrochemistry

M.Sc. Geophysics

The program is noted internationally for its research expertise in numerical modeling and simulation. Therefore it strives to recruit not only students with a background in the geosciences, but students from physics, mathematics, and the engineering sciences as well.

Faculty of Geosciences
M.Sc. Geological Sciences

The master's program's goal is to enable students to autonomous activity in geoscientific research and development. This qualification shall be attained both by successful attendance of courses of the geociences and by supervised research. 

Fachbereich Geowissenschaften
M.Sc. Marine Geosciences

The exploration of resources such as hydrocarbons and hydrothermal deposits in the ocean have become increasingly important for the future security of resources. Furthermore, it plays an important role in the study of geodynamical processes and protection of the shores. Beyond that, the ocean is of great importance to the climate system of the Earth as a whole. The changes in the climate system in the past and present can be reconstructed with geoscientific methods. The insights about the dynamics of the system ocean-climate obtained in such a manner represent a basis for modelling calculations used for forecasting of the future climate(s).

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