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Studying Data Science & Big Data

Data science and big data deals with collecting great amounts of data and extracting relevant knowledge and information from it. Generally used in research activities, data science is a mix of statistics, computer science and attainments of data analysis and visualisation. Graduates usually engage in jobs like data mining specialist, technical support specialist or business analyst.

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Studying in Italy

Italy is a highly-developed country with the 7th-highest GDP and the 17th-highest Human Development Index rating in the world. It is a member of the G8 and a founding member of what is now the European Union (having signed the Treaty of Rome in 1957), of the Council of Europe and of the Western European Union.

17 Data Science & Big Data Master's degrees in Italy

M.Sc. Data Science (DSC)

The Data Science (DSC) programme offered by EIT Digital Master School offers a unique two-year academic programme, whereby students study data science, innovation and entrepreneurship at two different leading European universities.

M.Sc. Physics of data

The onset of big data has led to an explosion of datasets with a far more complex structure and beyond standard physics. In this program, we will provide new theoretical and computational tools to tackle this challenge within the physicist mindset. The Master Degree in Physics of data is offered by University of Padova.

School of Science
Master Computational Data Science

The Computational Data Science master programme offered by Free University of Bozen-Bolzano will provide you with the key competencies that you will need to develop next-generation information systems used to describe and manage data, discover new facts and relations in the data, make predictions, and give advice to decision makers.

Faculty of Computer Science
M.Sc. Stochastics and Data Science

The M.Sc. in Stochastics and Data Science at University of Turin is a two-year graduate course that aims at preparing students with a modern education in probabilistic, statistical and computational methods.

Master Data Science

Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Engineering cooperate in this program, whose aim is to provide tools for extracting knowledge from data coming from several application domains. The Data Science programme is offered at University of Padova.

School of Science
Master Big Data Management

The Big Data Management programme at LUISS Business School, developed in partnership with Oracle, provides young professionals with the skills to be at the forefront of modern Business Analytics technique and to become accomplished Data Scientist.

M.Sc. Data Science

This Master's program provides a solid and modern preparation to understand and manage the multi-facet aspects of carrying out a complete data analysis, including acquisition, management, and statistical analysis.

Faculty of Information Engineering, Informatics, and Statistics
M.Sc. Electronic Engineering - Curriculum Electronic Technologies for Big-data and Internet of Things (E-BIT)

Students of Electronic Engineering - Curriculum Electronic Technologies for Big-data and Internet of Things (E-BIT) at University of Bologna, an international program fully-taught in English, will attain knowledge in the basic issues related to advanced micro-nano-electronic devices, solid-state sensors and biosensors, including reliability features.

School of Engineering and Architecture
Master Data Science for Travel Tourism and Culture

In a digitalised world, the ability to manage and analyse a large volume of data from different sources is a critical asset for businesses and organizations, especially in the transport, tourism and cultural Industries, given the huge volume of information they produce. The Data Science for Travel Tourism and Culture programme offered by Ca' Foscari University Venice and CISET responds to this need.

CISET - International Centre of Studies on Tourism Economics