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Marketing studies the part of a business which ensures that goods and services are reaching the customer by understanding its needs. Marketing embodies components like distribution, product management, pricing and consumer behaviour. Typical marketing processes are advertising and promotion and selecting the right distribution channels to reach market target.

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Studying in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most popular countries for study exchange programmes and many universities are active members of the Erasmus program. Portuguese universities are both focusing both on providing valuable theoretical knowledge and on engaging students in prevalent research projects. Many universities are affiliated with several research centres and they have been contributing to more than 1% of the world's highly cited publications.

6 Marketing Master's degrees in Portugal

Master Statistics and Information Management - Marketing Research and CRM

The Master Program in Statistics and Information Management - Marketing Research and CRM at NOVA IMS is for managers, experts and other marketing professionals, who wish to obtain and deepen their skills in Marketing Research and CRM, using the most advanced methods of collection, analysis and treatment of information.

Master Information Management - Marketing Intelligence

The Master Program in Information Management - Marketing Intelligence at NOVA IMS aims to train experts and managers able to lead and guide the collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of marketing information in organizations.

M.Sc. Management with Specialization in Strategic Marketing

The MSc in Management with Specialization in Strategic Marketing offered by the Catholic University of Portugal prepares students for careers in all areas of marketing. The program provides the conceptual frameworks, analytical skills, and industry knowledge to assume a variety of marketing roles, such as product managers, branding specialists or consumer insight analysts.

M.Sc. Marketing

You will gain the skills, knowledge, and potential for success in your marketing career that come from our time-honored tradition of connecting theory with practice, and this innovative programme itself that covers the most groundbreaking aspects of marketing;

M.Sc. Marketing

The main objective of the MSc in Marketing is to guarantee the link between the theories and model taught and the reality of the problems in today´s marketing activities. Thus, we tend to use empirical teaching approach as much as possible, along with case studies. We have developed a pragmatic approach, which motivates students to produce useful research.

Catholic Porto Business School
M.Sc. Marketing

The Master programme in Marketing offered by ISCTE Business School | University Institute of Lisbon is a full time, one year programme is designed for students with little or no work experience and will provide them with a highly advanced qualification, both theoretical and practical, that will boost their career prospects.