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Agriculture and forestry study soil, animal and plant life and the natural resources they produce. Sub-disciplines include studies in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, aquatic life, crop sciences, and more.

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Studying in Spain

At Spanish universities, you’ll experience a friendly and laid-back atmosphere full of international students coming from all over the world. Although lectures are pretty formal, seminars and lab work are more relaxed, allowing students to freely discuss with professors and ask them questions regarding their course materials.

12 Agriculture & Forestry Master's degrees in Spain

M.Sc. Porcine Health and Production

Porcine Health and Production, University of Lleida The training objectives are addressed to pupils to acquire some determined competences and a determined professional profile.

Faculty of Agro-Food Science And Technology
Master Ecological Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Forestry

The Masters degree in Ecological Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Forestry aims at developing students' professional careers. Since the programme focuses on beneficial activities that will require the interaction of various areas of knowledge—such as agronomy and natural sciences in general, social and legal sciences, and humanities—, the training adopts a multidisciplinary approach in order to cover them all.

Master Aquaculture

The master's degree in Aquaculture is designed primarily for holders of bachelor's degrees or diplomas or for technical engineers who want to enhance their knowledge of aquaculture.

Master Animal Genetics and Breeding, and Reproductive Biotechnology

The future model of stockbreeders must be based on sustainable and competitive animal production systems that are respectful with the welfare of the animals. Genetic improvement in animals not only contributes to making productions sustainable and increasing their profitability; the new technologies also help to improve their efficiency and adapt them to the different needs of consumers.

Veterinary Medicine
Master Aquaculture

In this inter-university master's degree where the three Galician universities participate, students will acquire the knowledge, and skills that will enable them to design and develop research in the field of aquaculture, manage and control facilities and in-land and marine facilities, evaluate their environmental impact and cater to the needs of R&D&I.

M.Sc. Plant Breeding

This Master is designed to train professionals in the area of plant breeding, enabling them to develop new varieties that are adapted to the different environmental conditions, making a better use of inputs and integrated in environmentally and economically viable agricultural systems.

Faculty of Agro-Food Science And Technology
Master Biology and Plant Biotechnology

The aim of the master's degree in PlantBiology and Biotechnology is to train professional researchers in the area of plants and fungi. Plants are key elements in the natural landscape and in the functioning of ecosystems, and also form the basis of our food and health, and a wide range of products and processes in the food, farming, fishing, pharmaceutical, and textile and energy industries.

M.Sc. Integrated Pest Management

Formation for the integrated control of plagues, diseases and weeds in agriculture so that they socially know his principles and methods for an economic and technically efficient and acceptable production.

Faculty of Agro-Food Science And Technology
Master Animal Law and Society

This Animal Law and Society online master's degree programme at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona  is oriented towards professional specialisation and aims to train up experts in animal-related work, from a global legal perspective, attending to the needs of a society that is becoming more and more aware of the legal implications of treating animals as sentient beings.