Master's Degrees in Food Sciences in Sweden

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Studying Food Sciences

Food sciences offer extensive knowledge and expertise in food making, research and development. Food sciences deal with all technical aspects of food from harvesting or slaughtering, to cooking and consumption. A food scientist studies the nature of foods, but is also involved in designing and managing equipment involved in processing foods.

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Studying in Sweden

Swedish universities are renowned for their investigative research and independent thinking, and this reputation is cemented with nationally certified degrees and rigorous quality control. As a country, Sweden is an open and multicultural society with a long tradition of welcoming international students.

5 Food Sciences Master's degrees in Sweden

Master Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems is a multi-disciplinary Master's programme from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. It focuses on sustainable development applied to the life cycle of food, including primary production, processing, distribution and consumption.

Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences
Master Food and Meal Science

This Food and Meal Science master programme from Kristianstad University takes you to a higher level within the field of food and meal science. It requires a bachelor's degree with equivalence in a subject relevant to the main field* including a degree project.

Programmes in English
M.Sc. Food Technology and Nutrition

This Food Technology and Nutrition programme at Lund University is aimed at students who want to learn more about food and who want to work with innovative future foods, for instance as a part of the solution to major health issues such as malnutrition and obesity. 

Faculty of Engineering
Master Food Innovation and Product Design

The Food Innovation and Product Design programme offered by the Lund University is a two year academic programme in the field of food science and product development, operated by AgroParisTech (France), together with DIT (Ireland), UNINA (Italy), and Lund University. 

Faculty of Engineering