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Studying Materials Science & Engineering

Materials engineering is a multi-disciplinary field incorporating elements of applied chemistry and physics. The areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology are some of the most popular sub-disciplines of materials engineering and science. Besides using materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers, biomaterials, and others, materials engineers also discover and create new types of materials, making new technological advancements possible.

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Studying in Turkey

Turkey has the combined characteristics of the two continents: Europe and Asia. You will not be a foreigner because a mosaic of cultures has been embedded in Turkish culture. In Turkey, students can experience both modernity and tradition. Moreover, in some Turkish Universities instruction language is English and others give opportunities to learn English.

5 Materials Science & Engineering Master's degrees in Turkey

M.Sc. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Materials Engineering discipline covers practically unlimited number of topics, and due to this fact, BS curriculum in Materials Engineering is commonly designed to introduce students to the fundamental knowledge that are applicable to all materials systems.

M.Sc. Manufacturing Engineering

The main mission of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering is to provide a quality engineering education in order to raise Manufacturing Engineers, who have the ability to incorporate modern technologies and engineering creativity by utilizing resources, time, money and labor in the most efficient way without disregarding environmental facts.

M.Sc. Materials Science and Nanotechnology

The graduate program in Materials Science and Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary study and aims to develop researchers who can pursue outstanding and creative research in the diverse fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology, such as nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine.

Department of Materials Science and Nanotechnology