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Industrial design is focused on designing of products by using knowledge from applied science as well as applied arts and various engineering disciplines. The aim of an industrial designer is to create a product which fulfils aesthetical, ergonomic as well as usability standards.

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The moment you will step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. The UK campuses are mesmerizing and the student facilities are outstanding. All the modern and unique features of British universities enable you to engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality teaching and learning.

44 Industrial Design Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Automotive Engineering

The MSc in Automotive Engineering from Cranfield University has been established for over 50 years with excellent industrial links and an outstanding record for the employment of its graduates. The automotive industry is global and similarly the reputation of this course is attracting students from all parts of the world to share in the learning experience.

Transport Systems
M.A. Industrial Design and Technology

This programme is designed to improve the effectiveness of Industrial Designers within industry. It is beneficial for both recent graduates and current practitioners in advancing their core design knowledge and specialist skills to a higher level.

Design School
M.Eng. Design Engineering

Design engineering concerns the design of products, services, systems, as well as experiences and artefacts relevant to designing and enabling modern society and the society of tomorrow. Graduates of this programme will be capable of bridging the gaps between engineering, design and business in commercial contexts. They will also be equipped with the creativity, enterprise skills and industrial experience necessary to launch their work to market.

Postgraduate Certificate Secondary Design and Technology

Improve your design and technology skills in product design, materials and/or control technologies for teaching in schools, and then put them into practice. Through study and teaching placements, you develop the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to teach pupils with a range of abilities in both secondary school and college settings.

M.Res. Creative Industries

The MRes in Creative Industries offers you the opportunity to undertake in-depth study in an area of interest to you while developing your skills in research. You will spend one third of your time in the taught element of your course, covering your chosen subject and training in research methodology, and the remaining two-thirds in your personalised research dissertation. You can study within any of the Faculty’s schools: Architecture, Art & Design, Creative Technologies or Media & Performing Arts.

Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries
M.Sc. Product Design Engineering

The Masters in Product Design Engineering, offered by University of Glasgow, will develop your ability to design products with significant engineering content, address user needs, and optimise solutions for specific markets.

College of Science and Engineering
M.A. Product and Furniture Design

The programme acknowledges and contributes towards Birmingham’s vast industrial heritage and geographical position, maximising professional links, trade fairs and its transportation network. The Product and Furniture Design programme is offered at Birmingham City University.

School of Architecture and Design
M.Sc. Industrial Product Design

This MSc in Industrial Product Design from Coventry University covers areas such as branding, the social impact of design, design management, design innovation, design technology and global design issues.

Art and Design
M.Sc. Industrial Enterprise Management

The Industrial Enterprise Management MSc provides knowledge and understanding of the principles underlying the strategic management of businesses. The course aims to enable the student to use the techniques required to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Engineering & Applied Science
M.A. Interactive Product Futures

This is a creative, project-based course focusing on the practical and theoretical study of product design and its relationship to interaction. As an advanced product designer, this course supports your continued development and will refine your practice in interaction and user-centred product design. The Interactive Product Futures course is offered at Ravensbourne.

M.Sc. Structural Design Option - Aerospace Vehicle Design

Structural Design Option - Aerospace Vehicle Design from Cranfield University aims to provide an understanding of aircraft structures, airworthiness requirements, design standards, stress analysis, fatigue and fracture (damage tolerance) and fundamentals of aerodynamics and loading. The suitable selection of materials, both metallic and composite is also covered.

M.Sc. Global Innovation Design

Global Innovation Design (GID) is a new joint Masters programme between Imperial and the Royal College of Art. It is a unique, trans-national Master's design initiative which brings together three major centres of design, culture, enterprise and industry: Europe, North America and Asia.

M.A. Industrial Design

The M.A. in Industrial Design at the University of the Arts London teaches you how to test innovative design methods through practical exercises. The Master’s course responds to essential challenges and trends in industrial design, helping students find new design approaches and work in multidisciplinary teams to implement innovations. Students will engage in supervised design research.

Central Saint Martins
M.Sc. Aerospace Vehicle Design (AVD)

The MSc in Aerospace Vehicle Design (AVD) from Cranfield University aims to build knowledge on the design of flying vehicles such as aircraft, missiles, airships and spacecraft. This course provides a taught engineering programme with a focus on the technical, business and management aspects of aircraft design in the civil and military aerospace sectors.

M.Sc. Product Design Innovation

This programme will equip you with the necessary tools to develop your own product ideas and innovations, start your own design business enterprise, or enter new product development organisations.  

Engineering & Applied Science
M.Sc. Avionic Systems Design Option - Aerospace Vehicle Design (AVD)

Avionic Systems Design Option - Aerospace Vehicle Design (AVD) from Cranfield University aims to provide an understanding of avionic systems design, analysis, development, test and airframe integration. This includes a detailed look at flight control, navigation, and communications systems as well as cockpit design and layout. We have been at the forefront of postgraduate education in aerospace engineering since 1946.

M.Sc. Integrated Product Design

The MSc in Integrated Product Design course focuses on the design of innovative products, emphasising the balance between the interest of users, industry and society. It covers the whole design process, integrating all aspects relevant to product development, in particular global new product design.

College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Design

This MSc provides a state-of-the-art introduction to technical design within mechanical engineering. The School is a vibrant environment to study, we have 200 years of expertise in teaching engineering , high calibre facilities , strong links with industry and a vision to provide a modern world-class education.

School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering
M.Sc. Aerospace Vehicle Design (AVD) - Aircraft Design Option

The Aerospace Vehicle Design (AVD) - Aircraft Design Option from Cranfield University aims to provide a comprehensive overview of aircraft performance, structures and systems. A holistic teaching approach is taken to explore how the individual elements of an aircraft can be designed and integrated using up-to-date methods and techniques.

M.Sc. Advanced Lightweight Structures and Impact

The MSc in Advanced Lightweight Structures and Impact is suitable for graduates in engineering, physics or mathematics. This course will prepare you for an exciting career, ranging from structural analysis and design optimisation, developing crash protection systems for Formula 1, or predicting wave impact loading on offshore structures, and much more.

M.Sc. Process Automation, Instrumentation and Control

Professional automation, instrumentation and control systems have become essential in the chemical and process industries over the years. Today, it is inconceivable that anybody would contemplate building a new plant or designing a new process without installing comprehensive instrumentation and control systems.

M.Sc. Gun Systems Design (PgDip/ PgCert)

This MSc in Gun Systems Design (PgDip/ PgCert) course from Cranfield University provides education and training in selected weapons systems. The course is intended for officers of the armed forces and for scientists and technical officers in government defence establishments and the defence industry. It is particularly suitable for those who, in their subsequent careers, will be involved with the specification, analysis, development, technical management or operation of weapons systems.

Defence and Security
MDes Innovation and Creativity in Industry

The MDes in Innovation and Creativity in Industry course from Cranfield University has been developed in collaboration with employers to address the demand from government and industry for modern business leaders able to exploit creativity in business.

M.A. Industrial Design

This course will prepare you for the creative industries, to become strategic with your visionary approach, capable of formulating inspired, creative designs based upon sound design strategy and research methodology.

Faculty of Science and Technology
M.Sc. Advanced Product Design Engineering

The MSc will meet, in part, the exemplifying academic benchmark requirements for registration as a Chartered Engineer. Accredited MSc graduates who also have a BEng(Hons) accredited for CEng, will be able to show that they have satisfied the educational base for CEng registration.

Faculty of Engineering
Master Design, Strategy and Leadership

The Design, Strategy and Leadership course from Cranfield University integrates world-class design-driven innovation and strategic management teaching and research activities through a unique teaching approach. Offered by Centre for Competitive Creative Design (C4D), the MDes in Design, Strategy and Leadership exploits existing expertise within and School of Management.

MDes Automotive Design

The MDes Automotive Design gives students the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and intellectual abilities to undertake the design and development of new vehicles (primarily cars and motorcycles) based upon a clear understanding of proportion, volume and surface design principles.

Preparation Course FdA Design for the Creative Industries

A foundation degree in design for the creative industries explores spatial design, product design, graphic design, and interactive media. This innovative and unique course offers a holistic approach to develop your academic and vocational skills to help you succeed in the creative industries.

M.Sc. Applied Nanotechnology (MTech/ PgCert/ PgDip)

This Masters in Applied Nanotechnology course you will investigate the potential of applying nanotechnology through smart and functional materials to transform whole sectors of industry from healthcare to energy. This MSc course covers the technologies to design, realise and analyse micro and nano-scale devices, materials and systems.

M.Sc. Product Design Enterprise

This programme will equip you with the necessary tools to develop your own product ideas and innovations, start your own design business enterprise, or enter new product development organisations.  

Engineering & Applied Science
M.Sc. Engineering Design

This MSc programme produces graduates with the creative, technical and managerial skills and expertise that are highly sought after in the field of engineering design. The Engineering Design programme is offered by University of Bath.

Faculty of Engineering and Design
M.Sc. Robotics

As new markets turn to robotics for the next step in their evolution, the need for qualified robotic engineers has never been greater. The Robotics programme is offered at Middlesex University.

School of Science and Technology
M.Res. Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship

The MRes is 12-months full-time, and involves only a small amount of formal teaching. In addition to a module providing specific training in medical device entrepreneurship, a selection of “short workshop” format modules is provided, primarily in the first term, to address key technical training requirements common to many areas of bioengineering. Students will also follow two elective courses from the MBA and MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management programmes in the Imperial Business School. The bulk of the training will take place in year-long group projects aimed at developing an engineering developmental and startup business plan around a medical device concept. Students are required to attend departmental seminars, as well as a selection of other seminars throughout College, and may also attend lectures from the MSc Biomedical Engineering programme.

M.Sc. Product Engineering Design

Product design engineers take basic ideas and turn them into fully-functioning products.This course is designed to help you develop the creative engineering skills necessary to develop products, which not only do what they're intended for, but also look good and offer value for money.