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Econometrics is a sub discipline in the economics sciences. It is combining mathematics and statistical methods to analyse economic data. Major research areas include creating econometric models, forecasting and analysing the economic history of a company. Graduated of econometrics degrees help solve problems for business sectors, governments, consultancy companies, or non-profit organisations.

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The moment you will step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. The UK campuses are mesmerizing and the student facilities are outstanding. All the modern and unique features of British universities enable you to engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality teaching and learning.

18 Econometrics Master's degrees in United Kingdom

M.Sc. Economics and Econometrics

The Economics and Econometrics MSc programme offered by the Univeristy of Kent provides a thorough training in advanced economic and econometric theory and quantitative methods, while allowing students to specialise or take options in a range of subjects reflecting the School’s main areas of research expertise.

School of Economics
M.Sc. Finance and Econometrics

Our Finance and Econometrics MSc programme offered by the University of Kent is designed to provide an education in advanced finance theory and econometric methods. Students develop a deeper understanding of econometric and financial theories, quantitative and research methods, and policy applications.

School of Economics
M.Sc. Finance and Investment

This University of Greenwich Master's in Finance and Investment will set your career path by helping you prepare for professional qualifications within the investment sector. It also covers the key theoretical areas of finance and investment analysis.

Business School
Postgraduate Certificate Econometrics

The study of Econometrics from Birkbeck, University of London - School of Business, Economics and Informatics covers linear regression models, a wide variety of hypothesis tests and techniques for estimating systems of equations. 

M.Sc. Economics and Econometrics

This programme aims to provide balanced and rigorous training in modern theories in economics and econometrics at the postgraduate level. Although similar to the MSc in Economics, its differs in the level of econometric course units it provides, as well as extending the coverage in macroeconomic and microeconomic theory by providing a course unit in mathematical economics.

School of Social Sciences
M.Sc. Economics and Econometrics

The Economics and Econometrics course at the University of Nottingham provides a solid foundation in contemporary econometric theory, and the expertise to apply that theory to the analysis of economic data.

School of Economics
M.Sc. Applied Quantitative Methods

Based at the Manchester Metropolitan University Q-Step Centre in the Department of Sociology, this MSc approaches the study of quantitative methods in an innovative way, which emphasises career-ready skills that prepare students for work with data and quantitative analysis, or as suitable preparation for doctoral study.

M.Sc. Statistics and Finance

Specialised statistical methods are hugely important in dealing with particular problems of economic data. For instance, time series econometrics provides methods for analysing the dynamic processes that are often found in macroeconomics, while other techniques are required for analysing the stock market and other financial data.

Department of Mathematical Sciences
M.Res. Economics and Econometrics

The MRes Economics and Econometrics is a research-oriented postgraduate programme for students who already hold an MSc in economics or a related field and who may wish to progress to doctoral study at Queen Mary (or elsewhere). Students build on their postgraduate training by completing advanced module sequences in macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, or financial economics. Students also conduct original research to fulfil the substantial dissertation component of the degree, which can form the basis of later doctoral work. 

M.Sc. Economics and Econometrics

Would you like to undertake advanced study in quantitative analysis in an environment of research excellence? To question how we understand and assess empirical findings reported within applied economics?

Department of Economics
M.Sc. Money, Banking and Finance

The MSc in Money, Banking and Finance covers money and banking, international finance, monetary policy and financial intermediation while also developing analytical skills and competence with empirical methods, preparing students for a professional career in international banking and finance.

School of Economics and Finance
M.Sc. Economics and Econometrics

The MSc Economics and MSc Economics and Econometrics from University of Southampton are designed to equip you to undertake independent research in economics and also to provide the training necessary for a career as an economist in the public and the private sector. They are ESRC-recognised research training programmes.

Social Sciences
M.Sc. Money and Banking

If you wish to pursue a career in the financial industry, central banks, civil service or academia, MSc Money and Banking is for you. Our course provides you with specialised training in money and banking, and also equips you with state-of-the-art tools and methods in economics and finance.

Department of Economics
M.Sc. Financial Econometrics

MSc Financial Econometrics combines a practical approach to finance with a strong theoretical approach in econometrics, and is taught jointly between our Department of Economics and Essex Business School. This mix of approaches means that you graduate from our course as someone who is very attractive to a variety of financial institutions, from insurance companies to central banks.

Essex Business School