International University Institute for European Studies (IUIES)

Gorizia, Italy
In its mission statement, the Consortium aims to carry out scientific studies and researches and to encourage the international academic co-operation and forms professionals and scholars in some of the most significant fields of the New Europe.



The International University Institute for European Studies (IUIES) was founded in 2000 and is an international university consortium.


Offering a variety of courses led by international Professors, scholars and experts from various European Union DGs and international NGOs.

A variety of EU, Central-Eastern European, Asian, African and North American countries are represented in our student professor, researcher body which contributes to the I.U.I.E.S international scope.

All programmes provide a broad social science education, including training in research methods and research, while allowing students to specialise in areas of particular concern to them.


Research laboratories and facilities located in the ISIG (International Sociology Institute of Gorizia) and IUIES offices.

Other research technical instruments in the IUIES offices such as: 2 photocopy machines, 2 scanners, 5 computer workstation (Win XP-Pro, SPSS software and unlimited net access).

Master's Programmes


Library services

  • The library network of the University of Trieste and of all the other Universities involved in the IUIES Consortium.
  • ISIG periodical library with more than 300 national and international journals from 1970

ICT services

Computer rooms and laboratories in the Polo Universitario Goriziano.