Lübeck University of Applied Sciences

Lübeck, Germany
Hello and welcome at Luebeck University of Applied Sciences. We warmely would like to introduce ourself and give an idea of who we are, what we do, how we act and to whom we address.


Today, nearly 400 people working for 4.500 students of Lübeck University of Applied Sciences (LUAS). Within the four departments of Applied Natural Sciences, dept. of Building and Construction, dept. of Electrical Engineering/ Informatics and dept. of Mechanical Engineering/ Business LUAS offers 16 bachelor’s degree and 11 master’s degree, including 7 international programmes.

Founded in 1808, it was not before 1969 that the government of Schleswig-Holstein had integrated three separate colleges, that of technics and seafaring, of construction and that of engineering into LUAS. Ever since 1973, it has achieved some reputation as a University of Applied Sciences.

Today, LUAS provides twenty-seven courses of studies. The focus, however, still is technics, architecture & civil engineering, natural sciences and economy/ business administration. The offer of courses is highly topical and thus the graduates are a perfect match for the demands of the job market. Skilled in management, analytical thinking, languages and social competence in groups are intrinsic parts of those courses. Providing a wide variety of courses, the students themselves are able to choose from any course of interest in order to deepen their knowledge.

City and surroundingsThe hanseatic city of Luebeck offers a wide variety of cultural and sport activities and about 215.00 people appreciate the recreational opportunities on their doorstep. The historic Old Town (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987) with its many restaurants, cafés, cinemas, theatres, and possibilities for sporting activities on the Baltic Sea, is reason enough for many students to study here. Additionally, the metropolis of Hamburg is close by. Luebeck's location on the Baltic Sea is also of international significance. Long-existing contacts with the Scandinavian countries expand cultural, economic and scientific opportunities, and strengthen Luebeck as a site of higher education within the framework of indispensable international cooperation. Among students the Hanseatic City is considered a well-kept secret, since they can live and study here in easily accessible surroundings, in contrast to cities with "mass universities".

Master's Programmes

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