IÉSEG School of Management

Paris, France
The mission of IÉSEG is to prepare students to become complete and international managers who initiate change, and contribute to the development of responsible, innovative and enlightened organizations.



  • 1964 - IÉSEG is founded in Lille.


The School is historically renowned for its traditional Grande École Program, a prestigious program that takes students from the beginning of their higher education studies through to a master’s degree.

Students are eligible for admission immediately after graduating high school. This five-year program is divided into a three-year BBA and two-year Master program, either of which can also be completed independently.

  • Bachelor in International Business
  • Masters of Science
  • International MBA
  • Spring & Summer Programs
  • Executive Education


IÉSEG’s mission is to educate managers capable of developing new management tools after conducting in-depth investigations into their changing environments, instead of mechanically implementing existing methods.

  • IÉSEG’s Center of excellence in Negotiation (ICoN)
  • IÉSEG Center for marketing Analytics (ICMA)
  • IÉSEG Center for Organizational Responsibility (ICOR)


The IÉSEG Career service, focused on training, information exchange and coaching, allows our students to know more about:

  • Market and business cultures;
  • Their personality, interests and motivations;
  • Necessary skills and know-how.

Master's Programmes


Student services

At IÉSEG information and help is always available with any of the issues and questions that may arise before and during your studies here in France.

Housing services

Please find below a list of on- and off-campus housing options in Lille:

  • IÉSEG Student Residence Halls
  • Private Residences
  • Estudines Residence
  • Icade Residence
  • Private Landlords
  • University Student Residence Halls

Library services

IÉSEG Campus Library

  • 2 500 basic books/magazines and 50 generalist and scientific journals
Vauban University Library
  • 34,000 books
Université Catholique de Lille Networked Digital Library (BNR)

ICT services

Computer terminals are installed in the corridors of buildings A, B, D and E. They enable students to check timetables, schedules, the Intranet and Internet, …

Medical services

To benefit from French Sécurité Sociale, you must have the Carte Vitale, the national insurance card issued to anyone aged 16 and over.

The Carte Vitale is issued on application to CPAM – Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie – and serves as evidence of membership and rights to French health insurance.

Student Life

Campus life

Students have the choice to study at our original campus in the picturesque city of Lille or at our Paris campus in the vibrant and bustling business hub of La Défense.

Lille Campus
  • IÉSEG is part of the extensive campus of Université Catholique de Lille which has 27,000 students, 6 faculties, 25 schools and 40 research teams.
  • IÉSEG’s facilities (classrooms, multimedia centres, cafeterias and offices) are accessible to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All students have an ID card with a magnetic strip that allows for individual access.
Campus de Paris

Sports facilities

With more than 800,000 members spread over almost 10,000 clubs, the region demonstrates its attachment to the practice of sports. The greater Lille area alone has more than 350,000 sports club affiliates.

The region is also home to prominent football/soccer and basketball teams, and hosts international competitions in athletics.

Last but not least, the region boasts a beautiful natural environment with many seaside resorts and harbours along its 120 kilometres of coastline, lovely rivers and several regional parks. A short walk from the university is the Lille zoo.

Student clubs

Associative life (clubs and societies) offers students the opportunity to realise team projects, take-on responsibilities, approach the professional world and do sporting activities…


  • EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA Accredited

Member of:

  • Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative
  • Lille Catholic University
  • EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development)
  • Conférence des Grandes Écoles
  • CNRS (National Scientific Research Centre)