Created in 21 March 2007, the Université de Lyon in the form of a "public scientific cooperation organization" (EPCS).


This "Research and Higher Education Cluster" (PRES) then underwent a further evolution with the Act of 22 July 2014 relative to Higher Education and Research, by becoming a "Community of Universities and Higher-Education Establishments" (COMUE).


The hive of research activity features in particular four advanced fields with major social and economic impacts for which the university enjoys a strong international reputation thanks to the site's laboratories and the Labex (Laboratories of Excellence) and Equipex (Equipment of Excellence) labelled as part of the "Investissements d'Avenir" program lauched by the French Governement.

Master's Programmes

Natural Sciences & Mathematics (7)
Engineering & Technology (3)
Medicine & Health (2)
Arts, Design & Architecture (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)


Library services

Take advantage of the cultural wealth provided by our Documentation Department that groups together over 500,000 documents available from the 13 libraries in the field of Health, Science & Education.

ICT services

  • ICT and digital pedagogy

Student Life

Campus life

Claude Bernard Lyon 1 is a University for living life to the full. Its campuses, located in the heart of an outstanding region, are lively places with plenty of activities, enabling students to develop and achieve a sense of personal fulfilment.


Lyon and Saint-Etienne offer a vast array of higher education courses with diplomas delivered by both universities and specialised schools.Through its 20 members, the Université de Lyon offers thousands of courses each year covering almost every subject found on any university curriculum. Further information about the courses offered by the Université de Lyon member institutes.

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