Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economics Institute

Prague, Czech Republic
Welcome to CERGE-EI (Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education – Economics Institute), a joint workplace of Charles University in Prague and the Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, a unique partnership designed to promote modern education and research in economics located in a beautiful Central European metropolis - Prague.



In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Central and Eastern Europe was a center of economic thought. In the years immediately prior to the Second World War, the Czechoslovak economist Karel Engliš not only contributed to the understanding of the laws of market economics, but applied this knowledge as Czechoslovak Minister of Finance and Rector of Charles University.


The Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education – Economics Institute (CERGE-EI) offers the following graduate programs in modern Economics to students from around the world:

  • PhD in Economics
  • MA in Applied Economics
  • Visiting Master's Scheme
  • Undergraduate Program in Central European Studies (UPCES)
  • International Economics and Finance Program (IEF)


CERGE-EI has achieved remarkable pre-eminence in economic research and in the training of economists. CERGE-EI scholars and graduates are playing a key role in economic policy design in post-communist Europe.

CERGE-EI researchers have been active as recognized experts in areas including labor market functioning, taxation, social policies and poverty reduction, R&D policies, stock market regulation, macroeconomics analysis including forecasting, public budgeting, pension schemes and reforms, health economics, and economics of public regulations.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (1)
Social Sciences (1)


Library services

The CERGE-EI Library, established in 1992, has grown into a rich resource of economic literature, housing journals and contemporary economic literature. Today it is considered the best library of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe and, as such, is an important center for library services in Economics.

ICT services

Facilities include a UNIX lab with high-speed workstations, and a PC lab containing state-of-the art computers. The whole building is covered by wifi which in turn is CERGE-EI computer labconnected to a high-speed trunk line.

Student Life

Sports facilities

Sports Activities:

  • Karlštejn Bike Trip
  • Softball Team
  • Basketball Fridays
  • Squash Tournament
  • Fussball Championship
  • Running
  • Ski Trips
  • Yoga Sessions


Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports of the Czech Republic.