Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Barcelona, Spain
The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya offers you a highly personalised university education with a strong vocational element. This high level of personalised treatment is achieved by ensuring that there is: no more than one group per course; a maximum of 80 students per lecture, and one university professor assigned to every eleven students.



The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya officially began its academic activities in October 1997. Organic Law 11/1983 on University Reform, (LRU) along with the 26/1984 Parliament of Catalonia Law, established the appropriate legal framework for the establishment of a university with the capacity to award official degree certificates.


A high proportion (40%) of the teaching programme is set aside for practical-based classes. Most of our teachers have professional backgrounds and the university nurtures a very close relationship with business via its work experience programmes.


Research Groups

  • GRC - Biomaterials in Dentistry and Dental Restoration and Endodontics
  • GRE - Stem cells and their use in regenerative medicine
  • GRE - Prevention and Treatment of Oral Peri-implantitis
  • GRE - Treatment for the Orofacial Patient
  • GRC - End of Life Care
  • GRE - Research Group on Evidence-based Physiotherapy
  • GRE - Research Group in New Cyclins
  • GRC - Regulation of the Lipid Metabolism (NeuroLipid Group)

Master's Programmes

Medicine & Health (6)
Applied Sciences & Professions (2)
Social Sciences (2)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)


Student services

The UIC's Student Services is in charge of informing and advising university students about how to manage their paperwork and also other extracurricular issues.

Personal advice is meant by the process of student support during the period of training at the University where, through personal student advisor and a climate of freedom and trust between both parties, will prepare the students to be gifted humanly and professionally develop their work satisfactorily in society, rewarding and supportive. In addition, through counseling contributes to training students in skills, abilities, potential, personal and social attitudes and values.

Housing services

Information about student residences and other types of accommodation and online accommodation search services is provided by the Student Services. The UIC Barcelona provides guidance about the needs and preferences of the interested students. However, the colleges and student residences are autonomous in terms of their organisation: price, number of places, services, activities and admissions, etc.

Library services

  • Iradier Library: Monday - Friday: 8.30 - 21.00. Weekends and seasonal closures: 9.00 - 21.00
  • Sant Cugat Library: Monday - Friday: 8.30 - 21.00. Weekends and seasonal closures: 9.00 - 21.00

Student Life

Campus life

Now you have no excuse to perform the activity that you like! From painting, music, singing, to talks about literature and film. A wide range of possibilities to live what you like the most with students that share your passion.

Meet the UIC environment and the spaces of our campuses, located in Barcelona and Sant Cugat del Vallès.

Barcelona Campus

  • Get to know in detail our most cosmopolitan campus in Barcelona and the varied academic offer that is imparted.

Sant Cugat Campus

  • With an area of academic use of more than 15,000 m2, is where Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Dentistry is imparted.

Sports facilities

The sports offer of this university has as main objective to promote, encourage and organize, among the members of the university community, the realization of activities and sport practices that help within the formation of the whole person through the values that sport promotes.

Student clubs

The University Students for Solidarity Service in the UIC was set up on the initiative of students themselves and is the platform based on which volunteering activities are encouraged within the university community.


  • UIC Barcelona Receives First Accreditation Certificates and Seals of Quality from AQU Catalunya