Lithuanian Sports University

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) is proud to be the only specialized university in Lithuania, which has been uniting Movement and Sports Science for over eight decades. Studies in sport and related areas are gaining popularity, at the same time opening new opportunities for successful graduates.



Lithuanian Sports University (LSU), founded in 1934, is a specialised public higher education institution that has developed its unique traditions in sport, leisure and health sciences.


The LSU offers 19 degree study programmes at all three study cycles (8 undergraduate, 9 Master’s and 2 PhD), mainly in sport science, where studies, research and practice are closely interconnected. Among the LSU graduates, there are many distinguished scientists, world-renowned coaches, famous athletes, and prominent public figures.


Lithuanian Sports University is an open European university, constantly creating and providing study programmes for all three cycles as well as continuous education programmes based on the latest research and technologies.Organization and administration of scientific activities, research planning, execution and reporting are determined by the Regulations of Scientific Activities of Lithuanian Sports University.

Areas of research:

  • Brain and skeletal muscles.
  • Management and economics of sports industry.
  • Health enhancing physical activity and education through sport.
  • Exercise physiology and genetics.
  • Methodology of Sports and Exercise Training.


A great number of the LSU students and graduates have become champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, world and European championships, among them are the twice European boxing champion Algirdas Šocikas, the winner of the Olympic gold medal and world basketball champion Modestas Paulauskas, the winners of the Olympic gold medals discus thrower Virgilijus Alekna. and basketball players Voldemaras Chomicius and Rimantas Kurtinaitis.

Master's Programmes

Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (3)
Medicine & Health (2)


Library services

The LSU library with over 121 thousand publications offers a lounge area for visitors, reading rooms for group work and individual study with nearly 90 workplaces, and favourable conditions for students’ self-study in general. Students have remote access to the Library databases from the dormitory and other LSU premises.

Student Life

Sports facilities

  • Indoor rowing pool
  • Indoor kayaking and canoeing pool
  • Boxing gym
  • Fencing gym
  • Wrestling gym
  • Strength training gym
  • Sports hall
  • Fitness gym
  • Main sports hall
  • Gymnastics gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Sports aerobics gym
  • Athletics area for athletics
  • Indoor athletics arena

Student clubs

LSU Student Union(SU) has the strongest student voice at the University where all members of the young academic community are welcomed. The SU enriches student life in every aspect through different academic and social events and projects and evey student can take part in it.