Open School of Management

The Open School of Management (OSM) is an international business school. OSM instructors are recognized experts in their areas of expertise from all around the globe. Many of them teach at internationally renowned top-ranked universities.


As a distance and online learning academy, OSM offers maximum flexibility in terms of time and location to carry out studies in parallel to a job or being a parent. The curriculum is set up broadly and allows for individualized prioritization.As an open management academy, it is our priority to combine excellence in customer-, service-, and quality orientation with reasonable tuition fees.

Management creates value: Management, i.e. market-oriented planning, operational control, organization and leadership, is the center of coordination in contemporary, multi-divisional companies. Fulfilling the needs and demands of customers by specialized companies has provided progress and prosperity to mankind that would have been unheard of in previous generations.A diverse range of challenges face the economy and therefore management—globalization, rapid technological change, demographic changes, shifting customer needs, economic crises to name just a few. Management leadership has to successfully guide the company against a backdrop of turbulent and ever changing societal pressures.Managers thus have significant responsibilities. The make decisions about the procurement and processing of resources as well as the marketing of goods and services. They make decisions about large sums of money and are responsible for creating and protecting jobs.

Master's Programmes