EIGSI la Rochelle Engineering School

La Rochelle, France
EIGSI - École d'ingénieurs généralistes, Engineering School, has a rich history dating back more than 110 years, combining academics, tradition, innovation and human adventure. Founded in 1901 in Paris, EIGSI is one of France’s oldest private engineering schools. Since its foundation, it has graduated more than 7800 engineers.



In 1901, it was originally called EEMI, the School of Industrial Electricity and Mechanics. EEMI quickly emerged as a leading engineering school in electrical and mechanical engineering.


At EIGSI, study abroad is a major area of strategic development. The school currently offers more than 20 double degree programmes and plans to provide a range of international programmes for each of the majors.


Research at EIGSI

  • Electromobility
  • Smart Mobility
  • Coastal protection
  • Marine Energy
  • Energy efficiency

Master's Programmes

Engineering & Technology (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)


Student services

Upon your arrival at EIGSI La Rochelle you will be welcomed by our students and our International Office. We will help you get to know the school, the campus and the La Rochelle city and area.

Library services

A university library open 61.5 hours per week, with 950 workstations, over 120,000 printed books, 1,100 print journals and 15,000 online journals, as well as 20 exhibits per year

Student Life

Campus life

EIGSI is located at the centre of the university campus of La Rochelle. This privileged location gives our engineering students access to both the facilities of the University of La Rochelle (University Library, sports halls, etc.), the cultural and recreational activities in the nearby historic La Rochelle city centre, nearly 100 km of cycling paths and easy access to local beaches.

Sports facilities

Sports facilities for over 40 sports: water sports, board sports, combat sports, team sports, racquet sports, weight machines, fitness, etc.

Student clubs

The Student Centre, an information, support and social area for all students, offering cultural activities throughout the year


EIGSI is certified to award the title of graduate Engineer by the CTI for the maximum period of six years. In 2012, EIGSI formed a partnership with CFA-EIA and opened an apprenticeship engineering training section certified by the CTI in May 2012.

The school has also obtained the EUR-ACE label.