University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Modena, Italy
UNIMORE has a longstanding tradition and is considered one of the best universities in Italy for teaching and research. It is ranked 2nd among public universities according to Italy’s leading financial daily, and among the top 10 medium-sized Italian universities by the Times Higher Education Ranking 2008.



The University of Modena dates back to 1175, a few decades after the birth of the University of Bologna, making it one of the oldest universities in Italy and the world. It was established by the city of Modena, which financed professors' contracts through local taxation. The first to be invited to teach was Pillio da Medicina from Bologna.


UNIMORE is composed of 14 Departments, offering a wide range of degree programs at the undergraduate level, right up to doctoral studies in most disciplinary areas, from the humanities and social sciences to engineering and technology, and from physical and natural sciences to medicine and life sciences.


The university has a strategic commitment to promote research in the following seven major areas:

  • Advanced Mechanics and Automotive Design: Innovation in Product Development, Materials and Manufacturing
  • Smart ICT for smart social worlds
  • Stem cells and regenerative medicine
  • Nano- and emerging materials and systems for sustainable technologies
  • Genomic and molecular medicine
  • Environments, Food And Health
  • Models and methods for economic analysis: growth, business cycle, financial stability, public policies and innovation


A good way to help pay for your studies and cover your living expenses is to work part-time.At Informagiovani, an office of Modena's Town Council, you can find information on jobs offered by companies or temporary employment agencies.

The online notice board of job postings (in Italian) is regularly updated.

Reggio Emilia has its own Informagiovani office giving information on job opportunities for students.


Student services

  • InformaStudenti
This is the counter of the University Study Guidance Office, specialised in guidance information and consultancy. The service provides information in support of study choices and university study, and permits accessing the various university services in a way targeted to personal requirements.

Housing services

Accommodation is assigned in two ways:

  • facilitated access is reserved for prospective students from outside the local area who are on the eligibility list published every year in the month of July. The eligibility list is compiled by ER.GO on the basis of parameters relating to student needs and achievement;
  • free access is for all students, including exchange students those participating in international mobility projects, who require part-time or temporary accommodations.

Library services

The Library System at UNIMORE has 10 branches in Modena and Reggio Emilia and offers an expanding collection of print and electronic materials.

It services the needs of all University departments, and holds over one million printed documents, extensive runs of journal literature and e-journals, a wide range of electronic resources, and prestigious collections of rare books.

Medical services

Please refer to your National Health Service before leaving your home country in order to make sure to have your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued by your country of origin.

Non-EU Citizens: Check in your home country whether there are specific agreements with Italy and what you need to do in order to access the Italian National Health Service.

Student Life

Campus life

UNIMORE is located in the heart of one of Europe's wealthiest and most dynamic regions, which is world-renowned for its production of mechanical parts, engines, sports cars (e.g. Ferrari and Maserati) as well as for its agro-food sector, ceramic tiles and manufacturing industries.

UNIMORE is located in two cities with the highest quality of living standards in Italy. Both Modena and Reggio Emilia are considered important cities of art and culture, and Modena's cathedral and main square are on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage sites.

Sports facilities

The University Sports Center, Centro Universitario Sportivo (CUS), in Modena organizes various sports activities for university students and professors.

In the city of Modena alone there are over 500 facilities for a wide range of sports, from swimming to soccer. Recently, a new state-of-the-art rugby stadium was opened in the city, and continues to capture the imagination of the most avid sports fans in Italy. Reggio Emilia boasts numerous facilities for all kinds of sports, such as swimming, tennis and rugby, to name a few.

Student clubs


  • ASAM - Associazione Studenti Africani Modena (African Student Association –Modena)
  • ASNOCRE - Associazione Studenti Non Comunitari di Reggio Emilia (Non-EU Student Association
  • ESN - Erasmus Student Network – ENEA Modena
  • U.S.U.A. Unione Studenti Universitari Arabi (Arabic University Students’ Union)
  • Il Giglio di Azione Universitaria
  • Giovani Universitari Democratici (Democratic University Youth)
  • SISM - Segretariato Italiano Studenti di Medicina e Chirurgia (Italian Secretariat for Medical Students)
  • Associazione Student Office
  • Associazione studentesca e culturale Coro dell'Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia (University Choir Association)