Newhuadu Business School

Fuzhou, China
Newhuadu Business School (NBS) is a public institution of higher education funded by New Huadu Foundation. With the mission of becoming a world-class business school with Chinese implication, NBS is committed to training innovative and enterprising young talents and internationalized talents to inject motive power into China's economy.



From the very beginning, New Huadu Business School has had its grand vision: to become a world-class business school with Chinese contents in a decade.

After two years of operations, we have started to deliver undergraduate programs and executive development programs (EDP). What is more exciting is the accreditation of our MBA in Entrepreneurship program in 2011.


With educational programs like undergraduate education, MBA in Entrepreneurship, EMBA in Entrepreneurship, EDP and international program, NBS has preliminarily established a multi-level organizational structure of modern business school. With 4 institutions globally, NBS has completed the establishment of its strategic layout, and formed the feature of school running in multiple locations.


NBS has established a couple of research institutions like Newhuadu Economy and Management Institute, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Case Study Center and China Energy Economics and Low-carbon Development Institute, bringing together world top experts and scholars to focus on major economic and management issues from a global perspective and contribute wisdom to the sustainable development of Chinese enterprises and China's economy.

Student Life

Campus life

The New Huadu Business School operates in Fuzhou, Beijing and Shanghai. Fuzhou campus was established in June 2010, located in the university town of Fuzhou city. The School will be constructed into a beautiful modern campus with advanced facilities based on the international educational philosophy and requirements of higher business education. The total area of the school is approximately 58, 000 square meters with total building area of 35, 000 square meters. We plan to build a Chinese-style multi-function campus with modern business educational atmosphere integrated with teaching, administration and research. In addition, the school has offices in Beijing and Shanghai.

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