University of the Basque Country

Leioa, Spain
The University of the Basque Country has been certified 'Campus of International Excellence' by the Spanish Ministry of Education and is raked 400 in the Shangai Ranking of universities. 



Our courses catalogue consists of 67 Bachelor´s Degrees in all fields of knowledge. At postgraduate level, we offer 103 official master programmes, 44 professional & expert diplomas and 71 PhD programmes.

We believe in education as a means to arouse our students´ awareness of the world and develop precious skills both for career and life. Our surveyed graduates appraise, among the competences acquired while attending our institution: the improvement of their teamwork and leadership skills, the reinforcement of their decision-making and problem-solving ability and the unfolding of their creativity. 


We seek to extend our international influence working on a 'brain-gain' basis and establishing cross-border campuses. With a view to reinforce our services and boost technological platforms, our General Research Services Unit (SGIker) commands the acquisition and handling of all research-structures. 


Student services

The University of the Basque Country wishes to host an unrestricted and multicultural community. Our International Relations Office manages over 900 exchange agreements with other Spanish, European and International universities. Every year, our three campuses turn into lively melting pots where over 900 foreign students blend in with our local trainees. We take part in SICUE, the Spanish universities students´ exchange programme; ERASMUS, the most extended European mobility programme; and we furthermore have created our own exchange programmes with Latin-America (UPV/EHU-AMÉRICA LATINA) and other destinations (the USA, Canada, The Philipine Islands, New Zealand, Russia).

Library services

Over 1,000,000 volumes, 17,800 journals, 6,400 electronic journals, 88 specialized databases and over 10,000 videos can be tracked down by our community members.

Student Life

Campus life

The University of the Basque Country is at the helm of Research, Development and Innovation in a region which stands out as one of the most prosperous in Europe.

Our Three campuses are located in the main cities of the Basque Country: Vitoria-Gasteiz (administrative capital of the autonomous community), Bilbao (the biggest city in the region) and San Sebastian.

San Sebastian is strategically located near the French border (Hendaye, Biarritz), so you can easily enjoy a multicultural experience during your stay with us. Not far from Vitoria, you can visit one of the most renowned wine regions in Spain. What´s more, you can reach Paris, Madrid and Barcelona in just 1 hour by plane or 5 hours by train/bus/car.

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