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Cambridge, Maryland, United States
We empower students to become dynamic, thoughtful leaders in education, mental health counseling, and the arts. Located in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, home to the world’s best-known universities, Lesley University combines an intensely creative environment with the practical experience students need to succeed in their careers. 



Edith Lesley Wolfard began the Lesley School in September, 1909, for the professional instruction of kindergarten teachers. Those first students gathered in the living room of her family home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at a time when the kindergarten movement was an emerging idea and the preparation of women for careers outside the home a radical notion.


The Career Resource Center (CRC) provides career development and job search services to Lesley University degree candidates and alumni. The CRC teaches job search, career assessment, and decision-making skills that are relevant for all career stages.

Master's Programmes

Education & Training (33)
Engineering & Technology (1)
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Student services

We offer programs and services to help all students thrive academically and personally. As an international student, however, there are a few areas of concern that pertain to you specifically. Please visit this page and all its links regularly for updates and announcements. Always feel free to contact us with questions.

Housing services

Searching for accommodations in our neighborhood? Look no further. We've put together a collection of our tried-and-true favorites, from historic hotels to quaint bed and breakfasts. Some are in walking distance to our campus, others are a short bus or subway ride away.

Library services

The library staff helps you find information in the library and online. You may borrow materials, check out a museum pass, get research assistance, study in a quiet space, work on a group project, or store your laptop in a locker while you go to lunch.

Medical services

The health of our students, both mind and body, is key to their academic performance.  Lesley offers a wide variety of health services to our students, including basic primary healthcare services, Counseling Center and athletic opportunities. Please visit the links below for more information about student health.

Student Life

Campus life

Located only minutes apart by foot, our campus is integrated within three Cambridge neighborhoods of distinct architectural style and character.  Each neighborhood shares important urban qualities: they are pedestrian-oriented, bicycle-friendly, open, and welcoming.  Massachusetts Avenue, with its array of shops, restaurants, and services connects the campus areas while providing a vibrant urban environment and many student-oriented services, retail, and entertainment venues.

Sports facilities

The city has a professional team for each of these sports. The "Celtics" is the basketball team; the "Bruins" is the hockey team; the "Red Sox" is the baseball team; the "Patriots" is the American football team; and The "New England Revolution" is the soccer team. To view the game schedule of each of these teams, please refer to:

Student clubs

The Student Activities Fair is held near the beginning of both Fall and Spring semester. With over 50 student organizations, as well as campus offices with student leadership opportunities, you'll be able to find a way to get involved on campus.


Lesley University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.

Cambridge, Maryland, United States

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