Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

The Anhalt University of Applied Sciences offers innovative teaching and research at international level and with international study quality and quality of life.



Over 65 Bachelor's and Master's degree courses in seven departments prepare over 7,900 students – including 1,900 international students – for one thing above all: a successful start to their careers.


In the field of research, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences occupies a premier position among German universities and is well placed for attracting third-party funding. Successful application- and transfer-oriented research projects extend their reach across the whole of central Germany. Furthermore, thanks to close industry contacts, many research results are employed directly in practice by small and medium-sized companies.

Master's Programmes

Arts, Design & Architecture (1)


Medical services

Sometimes you need someone to talk to - for example, when you feel overwhelmed with your studies, or when relationships become difficult, or when you suffer from anxiety and stress.

As part of the introduction of Health Management at Anhalt University, students can now solve their worries and concerns together with a trained counselor, and in a safe and confidential environment.

Student Life

Campus life

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences offers it's courses In Bernburg, Dessau and Köthen,