Warnborough College Ireland

Dublin, Ireland
Warnborough College (Ireland) is a independent college offering qualifications by distance learning. It was founded in Ireland in 1997 but its roots go back to Oxford when Warnborough College (UK) was established in 1973. Today, there are two independent colleges under the Warnborough brand both offering unique learning opportunities to a wide range of students from around the world. Warnborough College (Ireland) welcomes adult learners. Study with your own mentor and at your own pace to achieve the qualification that will enhance your career and status. Warnborough will enable you to learn in a friendly, supportive and caring manner. Learn across boundaries and widen your horizons, and become part of the Warnborough worldwide family.



Warnborough College (UK) originally founded in Oxford in 1973.


We offer several types of programmes at Warnborough College:

  • Degrees by Research – a substantive, research-led piece of work
  • Degrees by Projects – discrete projects offering a more practical approach
  • Degrees by Instruction – module-led programme providing more structure
  • Degrees by Publication – takes into account previously published work


There are many reasons for doing a research-based program. Research is, after all, finding out something you don’t know. One could write a thesis to review and explain collated factual data. One could also conduct analytical research to study a particular subject in depth. One could discuss, debate and/or argue a certain topic, or come out with a new hypothesis/theory. One the other hand, one could also try persuading others to believe in what s/he is proposing.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (1)
Humanities (1)


Student services

Graduate scholars are appointed an expert (called a mentor) in their chosen field to work with them by email/telephone or face-to-face on an individual basis.


Warnborough College is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) as a ‘Premier Institution’.

Other Degrees